Home Sports | Al-Khatib, the Al-Ahly Council and the stars of Zamalek at the “Afsha” wedding

Home Sports | Al-Khatib, the Al-Ahly Council and the stars of Zamalek at the “Afsha” wedding
Home Sports | Al-Khatib, the Al-Ahly Council and the stars of Zamalek at the “Afsha” wedding

Al-Ahly first team football players are absent from the wedding of their colleague Mohamed Magdy “Afsha”, which will be held today, Thursday, in a hotel in Greater Cairo, due to the team’s mission to Niger, which is leaving today, in preparation for facing the National Guard team, the champion of Niger, in the first leg of the 32nd round of the tournament. The African Champions League competitions, where the team performs its morning training at Mokhtar Al-Teach Stadium, after which it departs on a private plane.

Al-Khatib attends Afsha’s wedding

An informed source inside the club revealed that Mahmoud Al-Khatib, president of Al-Ahly club, intends to attend the wedding of Mohamed Magdy “Afsha”, which will take place today, Thursday, after the player invited the club’s president, noting that the board members will attend the wedding, which will take place in a hotel in Greater Cairo.

Mohamed Magdy “Qafsha”, Al-Ahly player

The source explained that the stars of the first football team in Zamalek, especially those excluded from the team’s trip in Kenya, led by Mustafa Fathi and Mohamed Abdel Ghani, will attend the wedding ceremony of “Mohamed Magdy Qafsha”, along with the player’s colleagues from other clubs and some personalities and sports celebrities who will attend the wedding ceremony.

Al-Ahly’s excluded and the departed appear at the “Afsha” wedding

Al-Ahly players will not attend the wedding of their colleague “Afsha”, which is taking place today, due to their association with the team’s travel to Niger, while the 10 excluded players, Mohamed El-Shennawy, Mahmoud Metwally, Mahmoud Waheed, Percy Tau, Louis Michisoni, Hossam Hassan, Karim Fouad, Ammar Hamdi, Ahmed Abdelkader and Junior Ajayi will have the opportunity. To attend their colleague’s wedding.

Junior Ajayi and Marwan Mohsen

It is also expected that Qafsha’s former colleagues in Al-Ahly who left the team, led by Marwan Mohsen, who left the Red Castle and moved to Future, and the same for Nasser Maher, Saad Samir and Al-Arabi Badr, who moved to the same team, next to Ahmed Ramadan “Beckham” who moved to the Smouha team .

The cancellation of the “Qafsha” wedding in front of his house due to Corona

And the wedding of Mohamed Magdy “Qafsha”, scheduled for the first Tuesday, in front of his house, was canceled due to the circumstances of Corona.

Afsha wrote on his account on the social networking site “Instagram”: “Praise be to God, God forbid and what he wills. They would honor me, and I would like to thank all my family and friends who sent me a congratulations. I wish we would celebrate together, but it is necessary to respect the law and abide by what concerns the security of our country and the health of our people in the first place. Thank you.

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