The first comment from the Prime Minister of Lebanon on the events in Beirut

The first comment from the Prime Minister of Lebanon on the events in Beirut
The first comment from the Prime Minister of Lebanon on the events in Beirut

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati apologized for the armed clashes that took place Thursday in Beirut between supporters of “Hezbollah” and the “Amal” movement and gunmen, but confirmed that the elections will take place on time.

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Mikati said, in a statement to the Lebanese newspaper, An-Nahar, today, in his first comment on the “Al-Tayouneh events,” “Is what happened today aimed at overthrowing my government? Remember that my government’s goal is to mitigate the impact of the collision.”

Mikati stated that he had made contacts with the Lebanese army “indicating the improvement of the security situation on the street.”

Mikati stressed that “the government is a “cattle” and exists, and it was formed when the country reached its nadir, and the government was a “sponge to mitigate the impact of the impact.”

He added, “We are trying to secure everything from live meat, and things are simplified in terms of extracting gas from Egypt and electricity from Jordan.”
He continued, “We are sick and bleeding, and after the formation of the government, we entered the emergency room, and in the operating room we received bullets and RPGs… We remain in the government and the quiet treatment of the investigation case is underway.”

Mikati said, “We are an executive authority and we cannot interfere in the judiciary… We call on the judicial body, in the event of any suspiciousness, to purify itself.”

He also stressed: “There is no state without a just and impartial judiciary, and by virtue of my responsibility, I will not distance myself from dealing with the crisis. There is a way out, but we need time.”

He pointed out that “deputies and ministers have a special court, and when two courts differ, there is a third judicial party that must decide on the matter.”

He added that the members of the current authority “are committed to holding the elections in accordance with the constitutional dates, although what happened today is not encouraging,” describing the events as “sad” and offering his apologies to the Lebanese people.

At least 6 people were killed during armed unrest in the Tayouneh area of ​​the capital, which the authorities described as an attack on demonstrators who were heading to participate in a protest called by “Hezbollah” and the “Amal” movement to demand the dismissal of the investigating judge in the Beirut port explosion.

Source: “Al-Nahar” + agencies

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