In numbers, how did Manchester United benefit from the return of Cristiano Ronaldo?

In numbers, how did Manchester United benefit from the return of Cristiano Ronaldo?
In numbers, how did Manchester United benefit from the return of Cristiano Ronaldo?

Manchester United regained its Portuguese legend, Cristiano Ronaldo, in the Mercato last summer, 12 years after his departure from the team.

After spending 6 seasons with Manchester United between 2003 and 2009, Ronaldo returned to the “Red Devils” in the last summer Mercato from Juventus for 15 million euros, and a contract that extends until the end of next season.

Over the course of 6 seasons with Manchester United, Ronaldo participated in 292 games, scored 118 goals and won 9 titles, before moving to Real Madrid for a record fee of 94 million euros.

economic gains

Once the name Cristiano Ronaldo was associated with a return to Manchester United, the English club began to reap financial and economic gains.

And the Sports Business Institute published a report on the gains made by Manchester United after Ronaldo’s return, in which he confirmed the increase in the number of sponsors at the global level to 23, in addition to the possibility of transforming regional discussions into global deals.

And according to Bloomberg, the economic agency, Manchester United’s share price rose at the end of last August, as investors and fans rejoiced at the exciting return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Old Trafford.

The agency indicated that Manchester United’s shares rose by 5.8% on the New York Stock Exchange, after the club confirmed its agreement with Juventus to include Ronaldo, and continued to rise by 1.2% after agreeing on personal terms and subjecting the player to a medical examination.

The British newspaper “Sun” reported that the market value of the English club rose to 600 million pounds.

The value of the season ticket for Manchester United matches also increased after signing Ronaldo, bringing the value of the cheapest ticket to 2514 pounds.

public gain

According to the “DeporFinanzas” website, the interaction on Manchester United’s accounts on social media increased after Ronaldo returned to the team directly.

Thus, Manchester United ranks third in the list of the most interacting club accounts last year, with a total of 1.61 billion interactions.

And last September only, the English club jumped to the top of the list with 611 million interactions in one go through its accounts, ahead of Barcelona (213) and Paris Saint-Germain (177).

sports gains

Cristiano’s value as a footballer cannot be disputed, as he is one of the few players widely regarded as one of the greatest stars and legends of all time.

United’s contract added weight to the team’s squad, not only in the attack line, but the “Red Devils” benefited from a veteran player with extensive experience at all levels.

Ronaldo participated in 7 matches in various competitions with Manchester United this season, during which he scored 5 goals and did not assist.

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