The latest American social network is leaving China

The latest American social network is leaving China
The latest American social network is leaving China

Microsoft has announced that it will close the local version of LinkedIn in China. LinkedIn is the only major social network from the United States that still operates in China. The service was launched in China in 2014 with limited features to enforce the country’s strictest Internet laws.

“Our decision to launch a local version of LinkedIn in China in 2014 was driven by the goal of connecting professionals around the world and making them more successful. We recognized that running a local version in China means meeting Chinese government requirements on Internet platforms. “A value for our friends in China and around the world. We have also set a clear set of guidelines that must be followed if we need to re-evaluate the local version in China,” the company’s blog wrote.

People familiar with the subject told the Wall Street Journal that China’s Internet regulator told LinkedIn in March to better manage the content and gave them a 30-day deadline to meet the requirement. Now the company has said it will close the service in China because of “a significantly challenging operating environment and greater compliance requirements in China”.

“Although we have found success in helping Chinese members find jobs and economic opportunities, we have not found the same level of success in the social aspects of sharing and updating. We also face a significantly challenging operating environment and higher compliance requirements in China. LinkedIn later this year, “the blog said.

However, Microsoft is not leaving China. The company’s blog stated that later this year a new job search app called InJobs will be launched, which will not include elements of a social network. “The app will not include social aspects or the ability to share posts or articles. We will also continue to work with Chinese businesses to help them create an economic opportunity,” it read.


latest American social network leaving China

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