Bahrain Pavilion at Expo 2020… Sea and History

Bahrain Pavilion at Expo 2020… Sea and History
Bahrain Pavilion at Expo 2020… Sea and History

The building of the Kingdom of Bahrain Pavilion attracts the attention of visitors to the pavilions of the countries participating in Expo 2020 Dubai, with its height and the aluminum panels that penetrate it as large columns to pass at the entrance consisting of a cement slope that leads them to the main exhibition plaza that tells the story of Bahrain’s history, the story of Lulu hunting and the continuous human existence for more than 5000 years A year on the islands of the Kingdom and their relationship to the sea, which formed the civilization of Dilmun.

Mohammed Askar, content coordinator of the Kingdom of Bahrain’s pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, said: “The participation of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Dubai Expo is the largest and most important event in the Middle East, after the success of Bahrain’s participation in Expo Milan 2015 and the Kingdom’s pavilion winning an award in the architecture category. This participation is complemented by an innovative engineering design. For a national pavilion under the slogan (Density Weaves Opportunities) based on 126 steel columns 24 meters high, creating a spatial and sensory experience for all visitors and conveying the concept of density experienced by Bahrain through the pavilion participating in the exhibition.

He added that each of the pillars starts from different points to converge at specific and specific points, which is an indication that the fabric of Bahraini society, despite its diversity, is united at certain points that contribute to raising the efforts of the Kingdom of Bahrain in all sectors.

Askar explained that the pavilion includes several sections, including the exhibition, which focuses in the months of October and next November on the theme of the sea, and whose topics will change periodically throughout the period of its holding. And the Bahraini chef Bassam Al-Alawi, in addition to the gift shop that displays products and collectibles made in Bahrain by Bahraini youth and craftsmen, all of which are contributed by 10 volunteers divided into 5 young men and 5 young women from the Kingdom to reflect and help highlight the culture and prosperity of Bahrain.

The pavilion of the Kingdom of Bahrain is located in the Opportunity area on an area of ​​2000 square meters and its structure consists of 126 columns 11 centimeters thick and 24 meters high, connected to each other at several points on the height of the space, while its external facade consists of aluminum, which represents one of the largest exports of the Kingdom, and supports those The columns, some of them, in addition to raising the ceiling to embody the principles of continuity and density in the exploration of three-dimensional possibilities inspired by the traditional geometric stucco decorations of traditional Bahraini architecture.

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