A quantum leap in the concept of biology councils.

A quantum leap in the concept of biology councils.
A quantum leap in the concept of biology councils.

Many of this generation possess knowledge, science, and have a good store of information, but they cannot express themselves, and speak well in forums and in public, because they lack the skill of public speaking, and the skill of confronting people, and this is a general observation that we see and feel continuously.

Perhaps the most important reasons for the absence of this skill, and the lack of self-confidence, in forums and in front of people, is due to a main reason, which is the absence of public councils, and the emergence of the current generation away from it, and its lack of friction and sitting with the elderly and men in those councils, the councils played an important and influential role in forming a personality The people of the Emirates from the previous generation, and in it they learned a lot of morals and customs, and acquired a lot of skills, the most important of which is self-confidence and speaking comfortably in public without fear, confusion or stuttering.

This is one of the countless benefits that made the Dubai government, represented by the Community Development Authority, and with the direct support of Their Highnesses Sheikhs, reformulate and activate the role of neighborhood councils, in a modern and advanced form, driven by ancient historical traditions and heritage, to preserve one of the most important features Emirates society, and the generalization of societal benefit by rebuilding the personality of young people, and integrating them in a way that restores cohesion and supports interdependence between the people of the same “Freej”.

The authority inaugurated the Umm Suqeim District Council, and the Al Khawaneej District Council accepted it, and it plans to open 11 other councils in various areas of Dubai, where the population density is national, in addition to the maintenance and restoration of all the previous neighborhood councils. From developing, and bringing about a qualitative shift in the form and concept of these councils, they are no longer just a space in which a limited number of citizens gather in limited hours, but will turn into vibrant councils and innovative events, which all the people of the region will feel.

What really catches the eye is the comfortable modern design of these majlis, and the wide open indoor and outdoor spaces that characterize them, making them suitable for all festive, social and cultural occasions, and everything that can come to the mind of the people of the region.

In a clearer sense, people can take advantage of the councils on wedding occasions such as weddings and wedding parties, or even graduation ceremonies or any happy occasion. And any member of the people of the region can book the hall through his mobile phone, through the “Dubai Now” application, in a few seconds. Is this idea not considered a direct government contribution to alleviating large expenses on the citizens’ shoulders!

Not only that, the next stage will witness the introduction of the idea of ​​completing and clearing government transactions, through smart offices that will be attached to these councils, and the people will be able to complete their transactions while drinking tea in a comfortable council next to the house.. Indeed, a very smart idea, an optimal use of these councils, and a qualitative leap in The concept and the reason for its existence were presented to us by the Community Development Authority, for which we are grateful.

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