The disabled are preparing for the continuation of the struggle to improve their condition

The disabled are preparing for the continuation of the struggle to improve their condition
The disabled are preparing for the continuation of the struggle to improve their condition

Yesterday, for the third reading of the Arrangements Law, the Knesset’s Labor and Welfare Committee approved the continued implementation of the Disability Allowances Act. Among other things, additions of thousands of shekels a month for respiratory disabled people have been approved, and as part of the agreements reached by the government, the Knesset and the National Insurance Institute, there are also a number of grants for parents of disabled children.

Disabled people’s organizations that were partners in shaping the agreements welcomed him, but the public of people with disabilities is not represented by one organization, and now – on the eve of the approval of the state budget in the Knesset – another large and veteran organization of the disabled is fighting for their future the day after the agreements are implemented.

The Mahalav Association – the organizational headquarters for living in welfare and dignity – sent a position paper to Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman, Minister of Welfare Meir Cohen, the Knesset Welfare Committee and the National Insurance Institute, in which its heads flatten the “small letters” of agreements that could harm the disabled On the basis of their demand: a determination already in the framework of the forthcoming budget legislation regarding the continued increase of the disability pension by significant amounts, in order to strive for the minimum amount to live with dignity for the disabled who can not work, including further dramatic reduction or reduction of the disregard policy. For workers.

“We can not be satisfied with automatic additions to the disability pension as a result of its linkage to the average wage in the economy,” say members of the Mahalab. And not wait for the reform on the issue, which is being promoted by Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked and whose future is unclear.

Moshe Rotman, chairman of the Mahalav Association and CEO of the Beit Ham Association for Respiratory Children and SMA Patients, told Maariv: Raising disability benefits to the level of the minimum wage and a full and comprehensive response for the disabled required of caregivers. A respirator disabled person, who needs three caregivers attached around the clock at full pay, is currently receiving funding for the cost of one caregiver, and it is expected to be updated soon and stand at a cost of 1.5 caregivers. “There is no doubt that this is progress, and we should thank and welcome it, but in relation to the needs of those hundreds of fully respected and nursing disabled people, the gaps are large.”

Rothman added: “We continue to make small steps from patch to patch, and even after the third beat – the existential and functional state of the disabled will be far from being at the level of basic subsistence.”

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