Lebanon: Martyr and wounded after snipers opened fire in the Tayouneh area

Heavy shooting in Tayouneh area in Beirut, and Al-Mayadeen correspondent confirms that a number of peaceful protesters were wounded after being shot by snipers.

  • Soldiers from the Lebanese army take up positions in the Tayouneh district of Beirut on October 14 (AFP).

Reporter reported fields In Lebanon, a martyr and 6 peaceful protesters were wounded after being shot by snipers in the Tayouneh area of ​​Beirut, and confirmed that the Commandos Regiment of the Lebanese Army had strengthened its deployment in the Tayouneh area to contain the situation.

Our correspondent also confirmed the death of a martyr in the exchange of fire in Tayouneh, referring to The army arrested a sniper who was in one of the buildings where he heard the shooting.

The director of the Mayadin office in Beirut stated that at least 4 gunmen fired from a building in Tayouneh, and that a number of gunmen were holed up in a building in Tayouneh.

She added that the army is trying to arrest a number of suspects in the Tayouneh shooting.



Lebanon Martyr wounded snipers opened fire Tayouneh area

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