Housing CEO: Price increases will stop in mid-2022

Housing CEO: Price increases will stop in mid-2022
Housing CEO: Price increases will stop in mid-2022

Aviad Friedman (Photo: Dan Sabah) next to the logo of the Ministry of Construction and Housing

October 13th, 12:50pm
October 13th, 12:53pm

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After 60 days in his position as director general of the Ministry of Construction, Aviad Friedman turned to an extensive interview with Calcalist in which he surveyed the boiling real estate market in Israel, and provided the Israeli public with cautious optimism: It will happen when people internalize that they really intend to address the issue. ” Friedman also clarified his goal: “The coalition agreements set a goal according to which in four years the state will market land for the construction of 300,000 housing units. That’s why we came. “

At the beginning of his speech, Friedman referred to the report that as part of the fight against the housing crisis in Israel, the Ministers of the Interior and Construction and Housing met in preparation for the presentation of the government’s plan to deal with the acute housing crisis next week. More expensive. This, along with increasing property taxes on short-term renters, Airbnb renters, as well as raising the purchase tax on investors buying a second apartment for investment, Friedman cooled the concern of landowners and apartments and said: “Taxation measures are being considered. There may be new things and it is not certain that all the steps revealed will be accepted in the end. I do not want to talk about uncooked things. There are other steps in the pipeline that I hope will happen. I often consult and often listen to experts from the country and the world, trying to hear everyone and not just things that came from government ministries. We listen to the market, economists and people who know the market. We do not think we know all the answers but we are determined to fight and succeed. ” (It should be noted that in doing so, Calcalist reported that it was actually Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked who is pushing not to raise the tax on real estate investors from about 5% today to 8%).

Selected group

“There are some keys to success. It is a crisis of supply, and our main role is to increase the supply of apartments. This is a multi-system operation that requires cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of the Interior, the Israel Land Authority and the Ministry of Transportation. If the system does not work with one hand, it will not happen, “Friedman said in response to the question of whether and how the Ministry of Housing will be able to curb the rise in prices, and said:” I am glad yes. The WhatsApp group we set up is called Collaborations 2021. This is my most active group on WhatsApp. The group consists of Tzachi David (Deputy Commissioner for Budgets in the field of real estate and local government) and his group in the Ministry of Finance; Yishai Ben-David of the Knesset (Senior Deputy Accountant General and Director of the Interior and Real Estate Division); Dalit Zilber, Director General of the Planning Administration; Shlomi Heisler, head of the planning staff at the Ministry of the Interior; Yankee Quint, Director of the Israel Land Authority; Michal Frank, Director General of the Ministry of Transportation. All the relevant players. “


Housing CEO Price increases stop mid2022

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