Does not retire, the world is divided because of vaccines

Does not retire, the world is divided because of vaccines
Does not retire, the world is divided because of vaccines

ONE System | 14/10/2021 06:18

NBA star, Kyrie Irving, Addressed tonight (Wednesday to Thursday) for the first time that he can not play basketball this season in the best league in the world due to his refusal to get vaccinated against Corona. The minimum requirement in most places in the United States is one vaccine dose in order to move around freely and be a part of the upcoming basketball season, but the Brooklyn Nets guard is among the few players in the league who is not willing to do so and in fact the most senior figure.

Tonight, amid rumors that he will retire from basketball due to his inability to play this season as things stand today, Irving posted “Live” on his Instagram and explained his position: “I stand by those who believe in what is right. Every person is entitled to do what he sees fit with his body. (Because of the vaccines) The world today is divided. that’s sad. “People are losing their jobs for seats.”

He added: “Do not call me opposed to vaccines. That’s not the issue. I’m just thinking about what’s right for me. I feel insecure, I have fears (getting vaccinated), and that’s fine. I’m aware of the implications of my decision, but this is my life. We’re in crazy times, but it’s important to remember that I did not hurt anyone or commit any crime. I support anyone who has been vaccinated. I support anyone who does what is right for them. I pray for all those who lost family and friends as a result of the Corona plague. ”


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