Saudi Arabia awards contracts worth 2.482 billion riyals in the first stages of the “Sports Track”

The Sports Track Corporation announced the award of contracts worth 2.482 billion riyals to a number of national companies to implement the first phase of the Sports Track project in the city of Riyadh.

The foundation said in a tweet on its account on “Twitter”, that the awarding of contracts coincides with the start of construction work.

She stated that the contracts include the implementation of road and infrastructure works in the Wadi Hanifa area, the bicycle bridge, the arts area, and the promenade area.

The sports track project extends for a length of 135 km on Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Road in Riyadh, linking Wadi Hanifa in the west of the city and Wadi Al-Sulay in its east, allowing many residents of Riyadh and the surrounding areas of the project easy access within 15 minutes by bike or walking in 30 minutes.

In March 2019, King Salman bin Abdulaziz launched 4 major qualitative projects in Riyadh, namely “King Salman Park”, “The Sports Path”, “Green Riyadh” and “Riyadh Art” with a total value of 86 billion riyals.

The track includes sports, cultural, recreational and environmental activities, and consists of 135 km of cycling tracks for professionals, 85 km of amateur bikes, and 123 km of horse tracks, in addition to a safe and wooded lane for pedestrians along the track, and stations and rest stops for track goers.

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