IMLebanon | Saudi-Iranian talks: Lebanon first

IMLebanon | Saudi-Iranian talks: Lebanon first
IMLebanon | Saudi-Iranian talks: Lebanon first

Khaled Mumtaz wrote in Al-Gomhouria:

The negotiating and dialogue rounds that took place in Baghdad between the Saudis and the Iranians were not a waste of time, even though the Saudi side considered them exploratory, due to the cautious nature that accompanies any talks with the Iranian side, as well as the importance of points and axes and the depth of disagreement over them, including matters related to the status of Hezbollah. His chaos and interference in more than one Arab country, from Yemen to Syria to Bahrain and Iraq, in addition to his uncontrollable work in Lebanon.

Among the points raised by the Saudis is the complete withdrawal of “Hezbollah” from Syria, and there is no objection to it remaining in southern Syria, just as there is no objection to the Saudis from remaining on the Lebanese-Israeli borders. As for the Lebanese interior, it is necessary to restore the balance and not impose any party’s predominance over one, and there is no objection to the Speaker of Parliament remaining an ally of the Tehran axis. However, the Prime Minister must have the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to have the final say in naming him, and the position of the Presidency of the Republic remains an entry point for a permanent consensus on his nomination between regional and international parties, provided that one of the conditions for any agreement between Riyadh and Tehran is the withdrawal of Hezbollah from playing the security role in Lebanon, There is no objection to the party’s involvement in any commercial or administrative work in light of the administrative decentralization that is to be implemented, among the reforms proposed in the mechanisms of the system in Lebanon.

There is a tendency to stop the mutual media campaigns, but the commitment of the parties to both axes remains completely unfulfilled. But this is an entry point to go back to the return of balanced Iranian-Saudi relations, which is based on the principle of good neighborliness and not working to harm the interests of both parties, as well as the principle of preserving the security of the region by the two regional powers, Iran and Saudi Arabia, and the Iranian side is supposed to praise the role of the Kingdom and the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques. And his Crown Prince, in the distinguished management and permanent planning of the Hajj ceremonies and all the ceremonies accompanying the Hajj, but rather the affirmation and recognition that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is pioneering and dedicated in serving the pilgrims, and that the permanent development of vital facilities for the seasons of Hajj and Umrah is a matter of pride in all Islamic countries.

Saudi Arabia, which is trying as much as possible not to cooperate with the current Lebanese government and the covenant, is looking to the aftermath of the elections and the coming era when the term of President Michel Aoun ends. It comes out of the mind and heart of Saudi Arabia and its leadership.

The gateway to any agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran is Yemen, meaning that Hezbollah must stop training, organizing and arming the Houthis and their militias, and it must completely withdraw from and leave Yemen, and allow international, Arab and Iranian negotiations to reach sound and sustainable solutions.

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