Global Health: Vaccination against the Corona virus should not be a condition for entering any country

Global Health: Vaccination against the Corona virus should not be a condition for entering any country
Global Health: Vaccination against the Corona virus should not be a condition for entering any country

The World Health Organization announced its opposition to the fact that vaccination against the Corona virus is a prerequisite for entering the territory of this or that country, and the organization explained that “according to international health rules, vaccines must be approved by the World Health Organization and be in sufficient quantity around the world to be able to be seen.” It serves as a prerequisite for travel,” Russia Today reported.

She added that WHO “does not support the use of vaccination certificates as a prerequisite for international travel, given the unequal access to vaccines in rich and low-income countries.”

The organization recalled the statement of its Director-General, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who considered banning some countries from entering people vaccinated with vaccines that are not approved in them, but licensed by the Health Organization, as a “discriminatory measure.”

So far, the World Health Organization has approved the emergency use of 7 vaccines against the Corona virus, and is studying the recognition of 13 other vaccines, including the Russian “Sputnik V” and “Epivac Corona”.

It is reported that Dr. Ahmed Al-Manzari, the Regional Director of the World Health Organization for the Eastern Mediterranean, said that the official statistics of the organization confirmed that the number of infections with the Corona virus “Covid 19”, to date, has reached 238 million confirmed cases, and 5 million deaths, and he continued: “At the level of The Region: The number of confirmed cases reached 16 million, with 295,000 deaths, in varying proportions, in the countries of the Region as of Tuesday.

And “Al-Mandhari” added, during an interview with him via “Skype”, on the “Masaa DMC” program, presented by the media, Ramy Radwan, via the “dmc” channel, that it was observed a decline in the number of Corona virus infections worldwide during the past weeks, noting that It is difficult to determine the time period in which the fourth wave will decline, but we have to control this by adhering to the precautionary measures and social distancing.

In response to an increase in injuries due to the start of school in many countries of the world, Al-Mandhari said that there is no indication that there is an increase in injuries due to the start of the educational system in some countries of the world, and he continued: “Teachers must be trained to direct students and guide them to Follow precautionary measures inside schools.

Al-Mandhari stressed that all the studies that were conducted on vaccines confirmed that those over 18 years old are allowed, but based on limited studies, it was found that there are some vaccines, such as Fayez, that do not harm children from 12 to 18 years old.

Al-Mandhari pointed out that some countries of the world have begun to give the third dose, which is the booster, but the organization calls for balance in that, explaining that until the citizens of countries that did not begin to vaccinate by giving the two doses, countries should be slow in giving the booster dose.

Al-Mandhari stressed that preventing employees from entering institutions in the event of not obtaining a Corona vaccine is determined by each country according to the nature of its infections.

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