With a bow and arrows.. a man kills 5 people in Norway

Norwegian police say two people were killed and others wounded by a man who used a bow and arrows to launch attacks in the town of Kongsberg, southwest of the capital, Oslo.

  • A man uses a crossbow and kills a number of citizens in Norway

A person armed with a crossbow was killed and several others were injured, yesterday, Wednesday, in Kongsberg, in southeastern Norway, according to the Norwegian police, who announced the arrest of a suspect.

“Unfortunately, we can confirm that several people were injured and several others were killed,” local police official Oyvind As said, adding that “the police have arrested the man who committed this act, and according to our information, there is only one person involved.”

The motives for the attack, which was carried out in several parts of the city center of Kongsberg, are not yet known.

Police did not give any details about the suspect except that he was taken to the police station in the nearby city of Drammen.


bow arrows man kills people Norway

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