Egypt.. New details in the case of Corona vaccines dumped next to a “canal” in Minya

Egypt.. New details in the case of Corona vaccines dumped next to a “canal” in Minya
Egypt.. New details in the case of Corona vaccines dumped next to a “canal” in Minya

Continuous investigations revealed new details about the fact that quantities of anti-Coronavirus vaccines were found dumped next to a water “canal” channel in a village in Minya Governorate, Egypt.

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The Administrative Prosecution Office of the Bani Mazar Center, north of Minya, continued extensive investigations with 7 individuals from the security forces at drug stores in Minya.

Investigations indicated that the driver arrived at the drug stores in Minya in a state of confusion, trying to raise a problem with the security personnel, who confirmed that he had been contained, and did not engage in any quarrel with him.

They stressed that the process of unloading the vaccines from the car did not exceed 30 minutes, followed by the driver leaving the warehouse site, heading to Cairo.

A pharmacist and a storekeeper were also investigated on charges of embezzlement and intentional damage to public funds, and their involvement in the incident of finding dropped vaccines.

The investigations revealed inconsistencies in their statements about the existence of a shortage in the stores, amounting to 18,400 packages, and 13,412 packages were found dumped next to a water channel in Abshaq, which had expired, due to the necessity of keeping them at specific cooling temperatures, and their exposure to weather factors that affected their efficiency and effectiveness, and another quantity estimated at 4988 packs of stores.

Investigations concluded that the dumped quantity was received by an authorized pharmacist from the Health Directorate in Minya from the Serum and Vaccine Authority in Cairo, among another quantity, and presented it to the driver of a vehicle belonging to the Ministry of Health to be transferred to the directorate’s warehouse keeper, without getting in the car.

The aforementioned car driver handed it over to the storekeeper, and it was deposited in the refrigerators designated for it without limiting it, in the absence of the pharmacist authorized to deliver and receive.

Police investigations concluded that the gross negligence of the pharmacist and the storekeeper was what resulted in the amount of shortage in the stores, so the Public Prosecution ordered the arrest of them and the driver of the car.

The three defendants were arrested and interrogated about what they were accused of embezzlement and intentional damage to public money. They denied, and their statements varied about two accounts. The first is that unknown persons possessing firearms cut off the driver’s path of the vehicle loaded with the packages and stole a quantity of them. Unidentified persons stole this quantity while the driver was in a café. In both cases, the Ministry of Health did not receive a notification of the theft until the dumped quantity was found.

Source: Al-Masry Al-Youm

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