Central – Lebanon is in a dangerous situation… and fears that the street will slip away!

At a time that threatens to escalate matters after the Shiite duo threatened to resort to the street, and the General Secretariat of the House of Representatives directed a letter to the Minister of Interior to inform the judicial investigator that the investigation with presidents, ministers and representatives is within the competence of the Parliament, and the judicial investigator has nothing to do with this issue, the ropes between supporter and The investigation carried out by Al-Bitar and those calling for his dismissal, which is reflected in the government’s solidarity. The government cannot continue this state of divisions and disagreements. At the same time, it is impossible for its president to reunite and reconnect what was cut off, at a time when the US dollar is making qualitative leaps at the expense of the Lebanese pound, after its price exceeded the threshold of 21 thousand pounds, which reflected an increase in the prices of fuel and foodstuffs, and the bundle of bread that I set. The Ministry of Economy for 7500 pounds.

While political sources described the situation in the country as very dangerous, considering that the country is going through a dangerous juncture, and is afraid of the street looting, a member of the Future Bloc, Representative Bakr Al-Hujairi, said through the electronic “al-anba” that “we are facing a comprehensive crisis in all respects that is difficult to solve by the traditional methods followed.” He added, “It seems that the prime minister was making things easier than necessary, as the solution as it is is either there will be a government, and in return for that a judicial return to places of regression, or there will be no government.” The issue, in his opinion, will not stop at the borders of resignation, as there is a sectarian and denominational charge, saying: “It is unfortunate that some were not convinced that things were going in this direction.”

He said, “They have turned our society into a society of beggars. Today we are living in a great and complex tragedy that is very difficult to get out of.”

In parallel, a member of the Strong Republic bloc, Representative Anis Nassar, pointed out in an interview to the electronic newspaper “Al-Anbaa” that the reluctance team intends to dismiss Judge Al-Bitar, and this means stopping the investigation into the port explosion, adding: “There is a judge who has been appointed as a judicial investigator by law, so why not let him leave?” He completes his mission to the other, and when he makes a mistake, we tell him that you made a mistake?” He recalled that the Lebanese Forces had previously called for an international fact-finding committee, so the team that was calling today to stop the hand of al-Bitar insisted on the Lebanese judiciary, and when he found that this judiciary says its word, and puts a finger on the wound The resurrection took place.

In turn, a member of the Independent Center Bloc, MP Ali Darwish, saw in a contact with the electronic “al-Anbaa” that the stage requires a lot of deliberation and wisdom in dealing after all that happened with the subject of the investigation into the port explosion, saying: “From the beginning, we demanded that matters be left to those concerned, as It is a purely judicial issue, and matters must return to its proper track.” Consultation and restoring things to normal. He prefers calm in order to prevent escalation.

For his part, the former deputy, Edmond Rizk, attributed what is happening to handing over the capabilities of the country to people who do not love their country, indicating through the electronic “al-anba” that when the person responsible is not qualified, and does not have the necessary preparations and capabilities to rule, the country collapses, describing the campaign against the judicial investigator. unjustly and unjustly.

He said: “According to my follow-up on the subject, there are those who do not want justice, and do not want the truth, and this is what we are used to. The crime is committed and the perpetrator is unknown,” adding: “Unfortunately, the country is loose, and its rulers are its enemies. He likened the statesman to the head of the family, and the people and the country are his family.
He said, “Unfortunately, there is no one on the front who gives us hope and hope,” surprising how the official swears by the constitution, and does not know how to govern the country, calling for a general popular revival to correct this situation before it is too late.

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