Al-Akhbar: Clarification from Al-Qawmi – Hardan

Al-Akhbar: Clarification from Al-Qawmi – Hardan
Al-Akhbar: Clarification from Al-Qawmi – Hardan

news: Al-Akhbar (October 12, 2021) published a report on the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, for which it chose an ambiguous and misleading title that violates partisan and civil provisions and decisions that nullified the September 13, 2020 elections, and asked the party administration represented by the party leader, Secretary Wael al-Hasani, to hold new elections, which was done Completed on Sunday 10/10/2021.

What is remarkable, in what your newspaper published, is the adoption of the narrative of the group whose members impersonate partisan characteristics that have fallen from them as a result of the provisions and decisions referred to above. Therefore, the mayor of media in the Syrian Social Nationalist Party is interested in confirming the following:

First: The so-called dismissal decisions issued by the impersonated group have absolutely no value, and they express their predicament, as a result of the success of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party, despite the difficult circumstances, in holding its general conference on October 1, 2021, and achieving its due Thus, the term “dissident” applies to every unorganized individual in the existing constitutional and legal party institution headed by Secretary Wael al-Hasaniya.

Second: The Syrian Social Nationalist Party, represented by its Secretary-General Wael al-Hasaniya, has made tremendous efforts over the past more than a year to end the state of rift. All efforts aborted and did not take a single step towards unity, which is proven by all the party’s allies and friends.

Third: To say that holding the elections in our party is a preemption to mediation that Hezbollah was working on is inaccurate, and rather separate from reality. Hezbollah, since the beginning of the crisis, affirmed its keenness on the party’s unity, but unfortunately, the September 13 group did not respond to the efforts and efforts of the nationalist ally, nor to the efforts of the resistance ally, so let Hezbollah be asked whether our party preempted its mediation and conducted the elections, or that the impersonated party He preferred intransigence and abort all endeavors.

Fourth: The Syrian leadership, at the highest levels, especially His Excellency Ambassador Ali Abdul Karim Ali, has spared no effort for the sake of the unity of the party and the nationalists, and it is grateful for all the efforts it has made. But what is surprising and reprehensible is that the impersonated group, which the report says has the same position as our party with regard to the relationship with Damascus, has itself rejected Damascus’s efforts, and even accused it of bias and spread that it exerts pressure and takes measures against some individuals, and this is pure slander. Whoever is with Damascus in the choice and in the battle of destiny and existence, must appreciate its efforts and keenness and respond to its initiatives, not the other way around. Here we are stopped by what was mentioned in the report, as it talks about “worrying indications received from Damascus,” against the background of the claim that senior party leaders “are making major political accusations” against the impersonated group, an allegation whose reporter reminds us of “eyewitnesses” who spread lies in The context of pricing the global terrorist war on the Levant.

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AlAkhbar Clarification AlQawmi Hardan

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