Al-Binaa: A US-British-Gulf decision to blow up the internal arena in Lebanon?

Al-Binaa: A US-British-Gulf decision to blow up the internal arena in Lebanon?
Al-Binaa: A US-British-Gulf decision to blow up the internal arena in Lebanon?

Some of what was stated in the building manchette:

Informed sources reveal to Al-Binaa a US-British-Gulf decision to blow up the internal arena in Lebanon by igniting the “port fuse” to upset public opinion a few months before the upcoming parliamentary elections. The two posed a direct threat to the officials, implying that the palm of Al-Bitar’s hand would expose Lebanon to harsh and destructive penalties, and this is what prompted the postponement of the session.

Therefore, the sources indicated that “the current situation is very tense and is heading for more escalation in the coming hours, and the government is in an unenviable situation and is faced with difficult choices, the best of which is bitter.” In the event that Al-Bitar’s hand is stopped, the country will be subjected to US sanctions, which are trying hard to mitigate these sanctions and mobilize the outside for financial support. But if it keeps Al-Bitar in his position, it will appoint him as governor by his order and complete the issuance of more arrest warrants and drag the country into the furnace of security chaos.”

In an additional indication of the existence of an external decision to tamper with internal security, the position of the UAE Foreign Minister, Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, emerged in a statement during a tripartite meeting with his American counterpart Anthony Blinken and Israeli Yair Lapid, in Washington, where he declared that “his country does not want another Hezbollah to appear in the country.” To whom”.

An informed source in the resistance team told “Al-Binaa” that “the leadership of the party and the movement informed the presidents of the republic and the government yesterday noon that if a constitutional solution is not reached before the session, the seven ministers tend to suspend participation in all government sessions and retreat without resigning, and therefore The session was adjourned for further consultations to find the appropriate way out. The source explains the expected scenario: “The accusation of the political aide to Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, i.e. MP Hassan Khalil and Ghazi Zuaiter, the movement’s most prominent leaders in the Bekaa, is a prelude to accusing deputies and key officials in Hezbollah at a later time, at the same time putting pressure on the movement and its leader to discourage it from siding with Hezbollah. God when indicting him, as well as accusing the Shiite sect of the bombing in the indictment that is expected to be issued before the end of the year, thus running in the parliamentary elections on a hot plate.

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