The Abrahamic Agreement promotes peace

The Abrahamic Agreement promotes peace
The Abrahamic Agreement promotes peace

The UAE confirmed that the Abrahamic Agreement encourages peace in the region, during a meeting between His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, in Washington, with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and Israeli Yair Lapid. Triple work on “religious coexistence” and “water and energy” between the United States, the Emirates and Israel.

The meeting discussed the progress achieved with the passage of a year since the signing of the Abrahamic Peace Agreement between the UAE and Israel and ways to enhance cooperation, in addition to discussing a number of regional and international issues. During a joint press conference with Blinken and Lapid, His Highness thanked the US Secretary of State for holding this tripartite meeting in Washington, accompanied by Israel’s foreign minister.

His Highness pointed out that this meeting is evidence of the United States’ commitment to building bridges between two successful nations committed to development and development. His Highness said, “Our presence here is also evidence of our commitment to changing the prevailing affairs in the region to a positive direction.”

His Highness added, “We succeeded in building a nation that respects values ​​and celebrates tolerance and coexistence,” stressing that the Abrahamic Agreement encourages peace in the region. His Highness added that the Israeli foreign minister extended a generous invitation to me to visit Israel, and I will visit it soon in order to meet friends and partners, and we need not only to celebrate this relationship, but to look at broader prospects for cooperation between the two countries.

The most important element

His Highness affirmed that the Palestinians will be the most important element for the success of peace in the region. His Highness said: “We cannot talk about peace in the region without the Palestinians and the Israelis and the importance of talking with each other, so we are glad that we have seen in recent weeks Israeli officials holding meetings with their Palestinian counterparts. We have to keep encouraging them on this, and we believe that the relations between the UAE and Israel have helped us to be honest with each other and helped us encourage others when there was something that could be done.”

His Highness added, “We have growing relations with the State of Israel, and we are happy with that, and we always rely on our friends in the United States, which is an important matter for us. We need to look at new horizons for cooperation between the UAE and Israel in several fields.”

In response to a question about the Yemeni file, His Highness said, “Yemen is always on the agenda of our discussions, and we have to keep in mind that what has dragged us into this situation is the lack of commitment from the Houthi side, and we are working hard and hard with our friends to end the crisis and to ensure that Yemen has a better life.”

His Highness said: “We will not accept the presence of a new Hezbollah on the borders of the sisterly Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” noting that the Houthis have succeeded in enhancing their capabilities at an accelerated pace comparable to what Hezbollah did. A plan to rebuild Yemen, and we also do not want there to be a new south Lebanon in Yemen.”

For his part, Blinken affirmed his country’s strong support for the historic step of signing the Abrahamic Agreement, stressing that diplomatic methods will remain the best option to end conflicts.

For his part, Lapid said, “We seek to make peace agreements inspiring other countries,” stressing that the partnership between Israel and the UAE is based on coexistence, economic prosperity, and the fight against terrorism and extremism. “We seek to expand the scope of peace agreements in the region,” he added.

bilateral meeting

After that, His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan held a bilateral meeting with Blinken. The two sides discussed the well-established strategic relations between the UAE and the United States, ways to enhance prospects for cooperation, and the importance of working towards finding sustainable solutions that achieve security and stability in the region.

His Highness stressed the depth of the friendly relations between the UAE and the United States and the two countries’ keenness to work together to consolidate the pillars of security, stability and peace. His Highness praised the outcomes of the US-UAE-Israel tripartite meeting, stressing the importance of the Abrahamic Peace Agreement to build a new phase of cooperation between the countries of the region and meet the peoples’ aspirations for development, stability and prosperity.

American tribute

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken praised the step taken by the UAE to achieve net zero emissions to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, as well as Israel’s endeavor to reduce emissions by 25 percent by 2050 as well.

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