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Emirates News Agency – Emirates Newspapers Editorials
Emirates News Agency – Emirates Newspapers Editorials

ABU DHABI, 14th October / WAM / The local newspapers issued this morning, in their editorials, paid attention to the announcement of the Golden Jubilee Celebration Committee that the countdown to the 50th National Day celebrations for the country has begun. For the first time in the history of the Emirates, the National Day celebrations begin fifty days before the expected date on December 2, with Launching an initiative bearing the slogan “Fifty Days for Fifty”.

She highlighted the human losses and the worsening economic crisis that the world is experiencing under the weight of the catastrophic Corona pandemic.

Under the title “The Emirates.. History and the Future,” the newspaper “Al-Ittihad” wrote that it is the Emirates that is entitled to be proud of its leadership, proud of its children, and transcend its achievements, after writing over five decades an inspiring story that turned the impossible into great successes on earth, and dreams to A reality in space, adhering to the values ​​of the founders, the principles of the Union, our historical legacy and our identity, which are the same principles and values ​​from which another fifty years are based, multiplying achievements, reaping the most important indicators, and occupying its place at the forefront of the world.

She added 50 days to our celebrations of the fiftieth National Day of the UAE, and 50 days to our grand launch towards the fiftieth, in which we remember the sacrifices of the founders for the establishment of the state and what they made to make this country a global model in building, giving and humanity, and standing with the brother and friend, as we all celebrate the day of glory With the vision of our wise leadership, which has put the happiness and well-being of the citizen at the top of its priorities, and made the UAE the best place to live and a beacon of coexistence, human brotherhood and peace.

In conclusion, she said that the future holds a lot for the Emirates; Because its vision is renewed, its ambition is the greatest challenge, and its humanitarian message seeks the good of humanity, achieve stability and prosperity, promote development, and maximize aspects of partnership and cooperation between the countries of the world, which it is participating in this time from Expo, its celebrations on its fiftieth national day, and bears witness to its achievements, and engages with it in Its mission is to anticipate sustainable challenges and solutions and unite efforts for a better future for future generations.

For its part, under the headline “Ambitions Without Borders,” the newspaper “Al Bayan” said that the UAE celebrates its National Day this year as it completes the journey of the fifty-year journey full of historical achievements, and lays the groundwork for a prosperous future in its 2071 centenary.

She stressed that the celebration of the National Day this year constitutes a historic moment in the country, as for the first time, the celebrations begin fifty days before the expected date on the second of December, in an epic that reflects the celebration of the great will and strong determination of the founding fathers in building the state and the efforts made by the sons of The UAE has become one of the most developed and developed countries.

She explained that the year of the fiftieth year for the UAE constitutes a new step to complete the stage of exceptional achievements, and the start of a new stage that embraces its aspirations to the sky, where the glorious development process, ambitious visions and the hand extended to the whole world continue, to begin a journey that complements the above and prepares for a brighter future in which the will and determination of the Emirates will achieve more achievements. Instill hope in the region and the world.

She stated that the most important feature of the National Day celebrations this year is that they coincide with the arrival of the probe of hope launched by the UAE to Mars, adding to the real achievements that have been made. The dazzling country is emerging from the Corona crisis and the return of life to normal, as it embraces the world through “Expo 2020 Dubai”, which dazzled the world under the slogan “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future” in which 192 countries participate, in order to inspire future generations and work to launch innovations that will be a pillar Human progress in the next fifty years.

In conclusion, the statement said, “The UAE rises in height as it celebrates its fiftieth national day, narrating an immortal march of great achievements in the past fifty years and renewing the pledge to give in the next fifty to continue building development edifices by raising their beacons in various fields.”

For its part, under the title “The March of Glory” .. “Al-Watan” newspaper said only fifty days, preceding the beginning of fifty new years of the life of our blessed state, after which our beloved emirates will celebrate the fiftieth National Day, to bid farewell to half a century full of achievements and success and the achievement of global centers that were made during it. Our wise leadership has given its efforts, thought and time to reach the development and progress we have reached in a few years. Our emirate is the title of elevation, success, and prosperity, and the epic of human conquest of everything impossible and running the race against time with courage, confidence and faith.

And she continued the march of our victorious state, which was characterized by the generous giving of our wise leadership to its people to be the happiest people in the world and for everyone who lives on the land of our beloved state. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, “may God protect him”, said his Highness: “Fifty days and the Emirates will complete fifty years as a single country, with a united emirate… whose hearts are united…

Its people raise one flag, rule for one constitution, and gather around one president… for fifty years, so that our celebrations will begin on December 2, 2021, God willing.”

She added, “Our beloved emirate accepts its glory, glory and ancient civilization for fifty new years, in which we are inspired by the legacy of the past, which makes us continue our journey with pride and strength towards a brighter and more prosperous future, to maintain our progress in the paths of human civilization, and this is what His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and me Abu Dhabi, Deputy Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, said His Highness: “After fifty days, our beloved country will celebrate the fiftieth National Day.

The historic Unity Day is a source of our pride, pride, and happiness for those who live among us. We draw inspiration from the legacy of the past, which enriches the UAE’s march towards a brighter and more prosperous future. We will always be where we should, in light of a well-established national approach and strategies that show the whole world the extent of the successes and civilizational transformations achieved by the UAE, with the visions, thought and planning of its leadership, and the determination of its people, and their empowerment in all fields of life.

Al-Watan concluded its editorial by saying, “Praise be to God for the blessing of the Emirates.. Where successes and innovations are passed on to generations to build on them towards a new stage of excellence and excellence in line with national aspirations that have never set an end to success or a ceiling for achievements. The first is for the aspirations of all mankind, with a journey that is unparalleled, taking from the determination, will and thought of the people of this blessed land, and the empowerment and care they enjoy from its leadership, which ensures that its momentum is at its strongest while it is on its way to the future.

On a different topic and under the title “Corona’s Poor”, “Al-Khaleej” newspaper said, “The world is still living under the weight of the catastrophic Corona pandemic in terms of human losses and the worsening economic crisis, despite the efforts being made to get out of it, efforts that did not reach the required level, as a result of the policies of An immoral one based on monopoly and utilitarianism on the one hand, and nationalism that excludes those in urgent need of a vaccine, which exacerbates the impact of the pandemic in poor countries.

She added that the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, warned that the pandemic had plunged 100 million people in the world into poverty, and said: “Four billion people were left without social support, health care, or income protection,” due to the absence of international solidarity towards Poor areas, and conflict areas that need the most support and assistance. The Secretary-General pointed out that “the unfair distribution of corona vaccines is an outrageous moral issue,” and this crudely illustrates the vast differences and the deep gap between the worlds of the rich and the poor. This is because countries stockpile large quantities of vaccines, some countries impose export restrictions, and others buy more vaccines than they need.

She pointed out that estimates show that, in exchange for one person out of every four people being vaccinated against corona in high-income countries, one person out of more than 500 people in poor countries receives the vaccination, and this reveals the vast gap in the vaccination rate between rich and those countries. In humanitarian standards, this is an unethical behavior, and automatically leads to an increase in poverty in these countries that are already in extreme poverty, which prompted Guterres to launch his warning that the pandemic has pushed a hundred million new people to the bottom of poverty. And these will be added to the pre-corona poor, whose number is estimated at about 600 million people.

She stated that the World Bank, for its part, sounded the alarm, and expected the number of poor people to rise to an additional 115 million people, as a result of the effects of Corona, due to the unfair distribution of vaccines, the downturn in global growth, in addition to climate changes. The World Bank report indicates that children constitute half of the poor, women represent the majority of the poor in most regions, and half of the poor live in sub-Saharan Africa, and that most of the world’s poor live in semi-desert areas, or in areas at risk of flooding.

At the conclusion of its editorial, “Al-Khaleej” said: “If some countries think that they will be safe if they acquire the vaccine, or complete the vaccination of their citizens, then they are delusional, because the epidemic knows no borders, and it is in everyone’s interest to abandon selfishness, and consider vaccines a global benefit, because Ending the pandemic depends on vaccinating the entire population of the world.”

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