FilGoal | News | Egyptian League clubs – Future .. From “responding to Ronaldo and the narrowest limits” to 22 historic deals

FilGoal | News | Egyptian League clubs – Future .. From “responding to Ronaldo and the narrowest limits” to 22 historic deals
FilGoal | News | Egyptian League clubs – Future .. From “responding to Ronaldo and the narrowest limits” to 22 historic deals

On the second of last July, Coca-Cola defeated Arsenal with a goal without a response, a goal that was enough to confirm its rise to the Premier League for the first time in its history.

Coca-Cola became the 74th club in history to participate in the Premier League.

At the time, the Coca-Cola coach was asked about his opinion of what Cristiano Ronaldo had done by removing Coca-Cola bottles from press conferences at Euro 2020 and he replied with a laugh, “We took it as a joke, but we responded to it on the field and went to the Premier League.”

Regarding the new season, he said: “We have returned to training since the beginning of August after a 3-week break after the end of the league last season, and all the players have shown a very good technical condition in training.”

As for deals, he said: “I trust the team’s ability to perform well next season, and we will not sign many players. We will contract according to the positions we need to strengthen and in the minimal limits and we have players who can play in the Premier League.”

But Tamer Mostafa and the entire Coca-Cola club were not aware that the team’s fate would change completely and radically after several weeks of preparation for the new season.

On the second of last September, the Future Sports Investment Company announced the official acquisition of the Coca-Cola Club and changing its name.

Hence, a completely new stage began. From the goal of staying in the league and avoiding relegation, the team’s goal became to occupy an advanced position in the league, and why not be in the golden square.

Club History

The Coca-Cola Club was founded in 2011 in Cairo and was promoted to the second division in the 2016-2017 season.

His most notable achievement before promotion to the second division was the fourth place twice.

Last season

Future was behind in the standings in the Premier League, but he reversed it all, as his former coach said, and the owner of the promotion achievement in the 28th round, just two weeks before the end of the season.

Four consecutive victories made him bypass his internal rival, rise to the top and tighten his grip on it, two points ahead of his opponent, to snatch the qualification for the Premier League.

Transfer Market

Future concluded 22 deals during the last summer transfer market, including players from Al-Ahly and Zamalek, including international players and the top scorer in the Tunisian League.

The future deals were as follows:

Ayman Sfaxi from Etoile du Sahel, Omar Fathi “Saviola” from Enppi, Arabi Badr, Nasser Maher, Mohamed Abdel Moneim, Marwan Mohsen, Saad Samir, Karim Walid “Nedved”, Mustafa El-Badry and Faris Tarek from Al-Ahly, Ahmed Refaat from Al-Masry, Omar Kamal Abdel-Wahed and Mahmoud Abdel-Rahim “Gansh” from Zamalek and Ghannam Mohamed from the military production and Joseph Nguyim from El Gouna.

This is in addition to Tariq Taha and Mohamed Farouk from Pyramids, Mahmoud Shaaban from Al Ittihad of Alexandria, Ahmed Atef from Wadi Degla, and Diawisi Taylor, the top scorer in the Ghanaian league, from Karila United.

Ali Maher

Future surprised everyone by assigning Ali Maher from Al-Masry to lead the team’s journey in the new season.

Ali Maher will meet again with his former players in Al-Masry, who directly contributed to his qualification for the Confederation, namely Ahmed Refaat and Omar Kamal Abdel Wahed.

The 47-year-old coach will be his fifth experience in the league after Pyramids “Al-Assiouty Sport previously”, Smouha, Enppi and Al-Masry.

The most prominent achievements of Ali Maher were occupying the ninth place with Al-Asyouty in his first season of the league and qualifying for the semi-finals of the Egypt Cup after the exclusion of Al-Ahly at the time.

With Smouha and Enppi, Ali Maher did not last long, and the two experiences were not successful.

But in Al-Masry, Ali Maher returned to his brilliance and led him to the Confederation and occupied the fifth place in the standings table after he scored 50 points, five points behind the third Pyramids and four points from the fourth Smouha.

Ali Maher prefers to rely on the 4-2-3-1 method and sometimes varies between 4-3-3 and 4-4-2.

team star

It will be difficult to choose the star of the team, given the big new deals.

But the team has become filled with a battalion of stars who have great experience in the ranks of the league and even crowned it before.

There is the top scorer in the Tunisian and Ghanaian leagues, in addition to the youth, Nasser Maher and Mustafa Al-Badri, with the experiences of Saad Samir, Jensh, and Marwan Mohsen.

Expected position

The most prominent test for Ali Maher will be how to harmonize this large group of players in a short period of time in preparation for the new season.

As the teams that concluded many deals have always suffered from shaking results strongly in the first round, and some of them even suffered from getting close to relegation sometimes before surviving in the end.

Therefore, the most prominent goal will be to reserve a place in the Golden Square, but in light of the expected and traditional competition from Al-Ahly and Zamalek, there are Pyramids, Smouha, Al-Ittihad of Alexandria, Al-Masry and Farco waiting for the competition.

In view of these transactions, the expected position may be from the third or fourth to the seventh or eighth.

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