Colors of the homeland | A “strong” solar storm hits the Earth and causes a rare light phenomenon

Colors of the homeland | A “strong” solar storm hits the Earth and causes a rare light phenomenon
Colors of the homeland | A “strong” solar storm hits the Earth and causes a rare light phenomenon

A light phenomenon known in ancient Greek culture as “Aurora” as the name of one of the gods; And it is still repeated so far, especially on the southern and northern poles, in countries such as: Chile, Australia and Argentina, where they appear updated bright colors in the sky, the last of which happened after a severe solar storm that hit the Earth, yesterday, Monday, that brought with it an amazing light show, which appeared in the sky Southern New York, and here are the details of the rare phenomenon.

The beginning of the phenomenon with a “solar glow”

The rare phenomenon began to occur, from last Saturday, when researchers noticed a massive solar glow, or coronal mass ejection (CME), on the sun from its side facing the Earth, which raised eyebrows and questioned researchers about the reasons for this phenomenon, which arrived to appear clearly in the glow On our planet, yesterday, according to what the scientific site “livescience” reported.

This phenomenon is due to an important astronomical event with the Earth entering a period of rising solar activity known as the “sun maximum”, as solar activity increases and decreases approximately every 11 years, and the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) warned that the storm will be a category G2 event, It is a fairly powerful category.

The effect of solar storms on Earth

Solar storms of this size can affect satellites in orbit around the Earth, disrupt power grids and more, but they can also trigger spectacular auroras, a natural light show that is usually only seen at high latitudes near the North Pole. or southern, and in countries such as: Argentina, Chile and Australia; But this storm was so powerful that it was visible as far south as New York and across the United States like Wisconsin and Washington, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said.

Solar storm threatens power grids

And the American “NOAA” warned of the solar storm, from last Monday, with its extension to Tuesday; Because of some irregularities in the direction of satellites and fluctuations in the electricity network and more as a result of that storm, and yesterday, that these effects were reduced to possible fluctuations in the first place in the damaged power networks.

Colors appear in the sky over Canada and Alaska

But in light of these fluctuations caused by the phenomenon, there is an aesthetic side to it. As the effects of the storm continue, the aurora borealis remained visible throughout Tuesday night at high latitudes, in locations such as Canada and Alaska; But sky watchers elsewhere – the report called them lucky enough – have seen auroras in locations like New York where the aurora borealis are rarely visible.

How are the aurora borealis formed?

Solar storms are one of the most common manifestations of space weather, as the sun is regularly emitted from its atmosphere, as CME consists of electrically charged plasma, and after the sun expels it, this plasma travels to the outside and can collide with the Earth’s magnetic shield, and then the charged particles move towards the poles of the Earth The energy is released as colored light, and this is how the aurora borealis occur.

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