Actor William Shatner flies into space: “The whole world needs to see it”

Actor William Shatner flies into space: “The whole world needs to see it”
Actor William Shatner flies into space: “The whole world needs to see it”

This may not be the “Enterprise”, but actor William Shatner, who played Captain Kirk from the “Star Trek” series, got to fly today (Wednesday) aboard a rocket from the American company Blue Origin, and at the age of 90 became the oldest person to reach outer space. Excited Shatner finally told Jeff Bezos, Amazon chairman and who also heads Blue Origin, that “the whole world needs to see what I saw.”

The famous actor was accompanied by three other tourist astronauts, who joined the second civilian flight operated by Bezos’ company, which took off into space about three months ago. The four boarded a new autonomous spacecraft that took off from the Blue Origin launch site located about 20 miles from the village of Van Horn in western Texas.

The spacecraft that carried Shatner into space | Photo: Blue Origin

They cruised up to an altitude of about 100 kilometers and passed the “Kerman Line”, also known as the boundary of space, where they got to experience about three to four minutes without gravity or weight. After finishing hovering over the Earth where the excited astronauts returned to the Texas desert using parachutes, they got out of the spacecraft and signaled with their fingers that the journey had ended successfully.

Jeff Bezos himself came to greet the astronauts, who were wearing blue flight suits. He hugged them, then signaled for celebrations that also included opening champagne. “The whole world needs to see what I saw,” the excited Shatner told the Amazon chairman. “It’s unbelievable. The blue color is amazing. “

Shatner and Bezos after landing | Photo: Blue Origin

“Captain Kirk” added at the end of the special journey: “This is the most amazing experience I have had, I am full of emotions. It is something I do not want to stop feeling.”


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