Jeddah’s internationality… charts a bright future for “Saudi Weights”

Jeddah’s internationality… charts a bright future for “Saudi Weights”
Jeddah’s internationality… charts a bright future for “Saudi Weights”

The World Youth Weightlifting Championships under 17 years of age wrote new chapters of brilliance for the quadruplets and boxers of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the global level, and confirmed that the future will be bright in light of the results and levels presented by the likes of the country in this global forum.

13 weightlifters and quads represented green weights

The world championship, which was held in Jeddah over a period of 8 days, witnessed the participation of 13 weightlifters and women weightlifters for the youth category, they are: Muhammad Al-Marzouq, Hassan Al-Marzouq, Ali Majeed, Hussein Al-Duhailib, Amjad Al-Ghanim, Jawad Al-Shakhouri, Abdullah Al-Ahmad, Laith Al-Baqer , Youssef Al-Madrahem, Jassim Al-Zoury, Rafif Mutlaq, Zikra Kharmi, and Lian Al-Qurashi.

Al-Ghanim and Mutlaq pave the way for achievement

The first day of the competition witnessed a great brilliance for Saudi weightlifter Amjad Al-Ghanim, who succeeded in finishing fifth in the general standings in the 49kg weight category, and a remarkable performance by the weightlifter Rafif Mutlaq, who was the first international participant for Saudi Arabia in the 40kg competition.

The impressive appearance of the Saudi weightlifter and weightlifter on the day gave their colleagues more confidence to show their true potential during the rest of the competitions and compete with full force for the colorful medals in the world championship.

Ali Majeed is exceptional… and Al-Marzouq grabs the spotlight

The Saudi presence on the world podiums did not take long, after the second day witnessed a great and exceptional brilliance for world weightlifter Ali Majid, who grabbed the first two medals for the Kingdom in the World Weightlifting Championship for youth under 17 years, when he achieved the silver medal in the 55 kg snatch competition, by lifting it For 100 kg and bronze for the total with 215 points, while his colleague Muhammad Al-Marzouq deserved praise as well, after he was very close to being on the podiums by coming fourth in the total with 214 points.

Ali Majeed is considered the new icon of Saudi weightlifting, after he succeeded last year in obtaining the bronze medal in the World Junior Championships, which was held at that time remotely due to the Corona pandemic, as Saudi sports officials are counting on him to be a strong contender for one of the Olympic medals in the near future, At a time when the promising Saudi weightlifter confirmed that he will search for gold and nothing else during his upcoming participations, after imitating bronze and silver at the global level.

Al-Zuri and Al-Baqer..a special post

Young weightlifters Jassem Al-Zuri and Laith Al-Baqer presented distinguished levels during the global participation, as the first came third in his group after lifting 95 kg in the snatch and 115 kg in the net in the 61 kg weight competitions, while his colleague Laith Al-Baqer ranked fifth in the same group, receiving a lot of praise. Amid expectations of an impressive future for both of them if they continue to develop at the level of local and foreign competitions.

Gaining experience paves the way

Participation in such international forums gives cumulative experiences that pave the way for a presence on global platforms, which is what a number of Saudi lifters who participated in the World Youth Championships in Jeddah have gained, and have presented levels that qualify them to compete vigorously for world medals in the near future.

Saudi weightlifter Hassan Al-Marzouq participated in the 67-kg weight category, ranking eighth in the world, while his teammates Youssef Al-Madarhem participated in the 73-kg weight competition, Hussain Al-Duhailib in the 81-kg weight category, and Abdullah Al-Ahmad in the 89-kg category.

The best awaits Saudi women’s weightlifters

A great fear was dominating fans of the Saudi weightlifting game in conjunction with the first global participation of Saudi female weightlifters, especially since their experiences in the game are still minimal, but the surprise was the high confidence and exciting stability they showed during the competitions, where she presented an absolute wonderful level in the 40 competitions. kg, and the memory of Khurmi appeared in the appearance of a great independent in the 67-kg weight competition, while Lian Al-Qurashi stressed that the future awaits Saudi female weightlifters after she excelled in the 64-kg competition.

What is interesting about the matter is the young age of the Saudi weightlifters, which gives them the opportunity to advance further during the upcoming global competitions as they gain more experience, and in light of the great interest they receive from the wise leadership within the framework of the “Kingdom’s Vision 2030.”

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