Do you count the League Cup matches within the penalty of Shikabala?

Mohammed Mustafa

Thursday 14 October 2021

01:11 AM

Amer Hussein, head of the Competitions Committee of the Professional Clubs Association, confirmed that disciplinary penalties are imposed on all local leagues, the league, the cup, and the League Cup.

Commenting on Mahmoud Abdel Razek Shikabala’s punishment, he said in televised statements to Ontime Sports 2: “Shikabala’s penalty is 8 matches, and 8 weeks of the league championship will be played before the African Nations Cup in January, and therefore Shikabala will have finished his sentence before the League Cup, and if If you do not play 8 matches, he will be suspended in the League Cup.”

The League Cup will be held from the League of Clubs during the period of suspension of the league, the time of the international break during the national team’s participation in the African Nations Cup in January and February of next year, in Cameroon.

Shikabala was subjected to an 8-month ban, before it was reduced to 8 matches after the events of Zamalek’s handing over the league shield last season.

On the entry mechanism for the masses, Amer Hussein said: “There will be a meeting in the coming days between Ahmed Diab, the president of the association and the clubs, to determine the mechanism for entering the fans, and to announce the company that will secure the matches, in the same system as the previous African Nations Cup 2019 in Egypt.”

He explained that Misr El-Maqasa Club “Howeidi” is the only club whose stadium has not been determined yet, while Al-Masry will play its matches at the Burj Al Arab Stadium.

He concluded his speech about the confrontation between Ismaili and Al-Ahly: “After setting the league table, we will wait for the security response to hold the Al-Ahly match in Ismailia.”

The League of Clubs will announce the league schedule next Saturday, after the draw will be held on Tuesday.


count League Cup matches penalty Shikabala

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