Zamalek: We can record the juniors and goalkeeper Nadim.. Thank you for the direction

Ramy Beshai

Wednesday 13 October 2021

11:33 PM

The head of the junior sectors and the technical director of the sectors in Zamalek Club, Badr Hamed, said that he held a session today, Wednesday, with the Chairman of the Tripartite Committee of the Football Association, Ahmed Mujahid, in the presence of Gamal Abdel Hamid, the general supervisor of sports investments in the football sectors.

In exclusive statements to the official website of the Zamalek club, Hamed said that the reception was good on the part of Mujahid, as he explained the letter sent by the International Federation regarding stopping the registration for two periods on the club, thanking Ahmed Mujahid for the good reception.

The head of the youth sectors and the technical director of the sectors in Zamalek club explained that the chairman of the tripartite committee explained to them the position of the young players who were not in the first list of their teams and were registered last year in the lists of the club’s teams, as it was confirmed that they will be registered naturally in the lists of special teams.

The head of the youth sectors indicated that they understood during the session by Ahmed Mujahid that those born in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 have nothing to do with depriving the club of registration, especially that they do not play like other teams with eleven players on the field, and that they participate in a team consisting of seven players. Just.

With regard to the position of Mohamed Nadim, the goalkeeper of Zamalek, born in 2001, Badr Hamed confirmed that the player is on the “system” of the Football Association, and he will be registered during the coming hours and his card will be extracted, especially since he is treated as the players who have been with the club since last year and before, and he was among the His team list.


Zamalek record juniors goalkeeper Nadim direction

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