Microsoft is forced to release the first Windows 11 updates after a problem experienced by some users

Microsoft announced that it is about to release the first updates to its operating system, Windows 11, due to a serious problem experienced by users of some devices.

AMD had confirmed that all of its processors do not run on the “Windows 11” operating system, and lead to an increase in the cache latency, and to slow down the devices operating in it very significantly, according to what was published by the “GSM Arena” website. Specialized Tech.

Microsoft said that it is working with “AMD” to release an update for its operating system “Windows 11” on October 19, followed by an update for the drivers of “AMD” processors on October 21, to solve this problem once and for all.

And Microsoft suggested that users not use the manual update of Windows 11 until the new update is downloaded and downloaded automatically on their devices.

Microsoft advised owners of computers with AMD processors to postpone the download of “Windows 11” until the treatment of this vulnerability, which affects the “RAM” cache and slows devices by about 3 times.

Source: Sputnik


Microsoft forced release Windows updates problem experienced users

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