400 apartments and 600 hotel rooms will be built on the site of the navy base in Eilat

400 apartments and 600 hotel rooms will be built on the site of the navy base in Eilat
400 apartments and 600 hotel rooms will be built on the site of the navy base in Eilat

The Israel Land Authority has approved the evacuation of the naval base in Eilat, and it is expected to begin in about a year and a half

Michal Raz Haimovich

| Posted 13/10/21 18:14

Photo: Israel Lands Authority

Hundreds of housing units and hotel rooms will be built on the site of the naval base that will be evacuated from the city of Eilat. This is after the Israel Land Authority approved the principles and outline for the evacuation of the naval base in Eilat (Zis) which covers an area of ​​about 100 dunams. The land will be marketed for the benefit of the construction of 400 housing units and another 600 hotel rooms in the city, along with employment and commercial areas. The evacuation of the base, located at the southern entrance to Eilat, will be done gradually over another year and a half and will be carried out in four stages, thus enabling the southern coastal strip of Eilat to operate continuously for the benefit of tourism and leisure facilities.

The base sits on either side of Highway 90, with the 83-acre “upper camp” located west of Highway 90 adjacent to residential neighborhoods, and east of the road are coastal docks that serve as a naval military port on an area of ​​72 acres. The outline of the agreement stipulates that the camp area will be reduced to 52 dunams in the area of ​​the seaport area, which will result in the evacuation of about 20 dunams on the shoreline by the Ministry of Defense, in addition to 83 dunams vacated in the upper camp, ie the total area to be evacuated is 103 dunams. The financing of the cost of relocating the base is estimated at a cost of NIS 350 million, which will be financed by RMI and the Ministry of Defense.

Marked in the square of the naval base in Eilat, from above / Photo: Israel Land Authority

In Eilat, about 11,000 rooms are offered in hotels. In recent years, no new hotels have opened in the city that can meet demand and especially in favor of lowering expensive accommodation prices. Unlike other hotels in the country, the demand for accommodation in Eilat, which is almost entirely prevented from domestic tourism, was not affected during the Corona period (when there were no closures), and both in summer and on Tishrei Eilat enjoyed high demand and high occupancy rates.

Yaakov Quint, Director of the Israel Land Authority, stated that “the 9 km long southern coastal strip, which remains undeveloped, is an exceptional opportunity to strengthen the economic and tourist potential of Eilat and to develop it through the creation of tourism and recreation areas, hotel projects, and increased housing supply. Of the city for the coming years on the other hand. “

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