Rescue an Egyptian youth who threw himself off a bridge in Kuwait «Photos»

Rescue an Egyptian youth who threw himself off a bridge in Kuwait «Photos»
Rescue an Egyptian youth who threw himself off a bridge in Kuwait «Photos»

Firefighters in Kuwait managed to save an Egyptian young man who tried to commit suicide by throwing himself over the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Bridge; According to a number of local newspapers.

The Al-Majlis account, documented on Twitter, posted a video from the top of the bridge, showing firefighters trying to save the young man who tried to commit suicide.

The young man got out of a taxi and hurried to the edge of the bridge, and threw himself over the bridge into the water. The firefighting operations room indicated that the elements were able to locate the person, and they descended from the top of the bridge in a qualitative operation to rescue him using ropes, in a record period of time.

Al-Qabas newspaper quoted a security source as saying that “a taxi driver was the one who informed the operations of the Ministry of Interior; Where security men, firefighters and medical emergencies attended.” He revealed that “the Ministry of Interior decided to deport the expatriate after the end of his treatment period.”

A taxi driver reported that the suicide bomber was with him in the car and asked him to stop to get out of the car and throw himself from the top of Jaber Bridge, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Rai.

The taxi driver added that the Egyptian resident got out of the car and threw himself into the sea, while the civil protection forces rushed to search and rescue him.

According to the Kuwaiti newspaper, the suicide was of Egyptian nationality, according to the taxi driver’s statement, and he was found and is being revived for the presence of a pulse.

And two weeks ago, another Egyptian committed suicide in Kuwait as part of a series of similar cases in Kuwait with the start of the Corona pandemic, which affected most nationalities, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper.

The young man was handed over to the emergency medical teams after sustaining fractures and bruises, knowing that he is in a critical condition.

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