Who seeks to change the face of Lebanon and write off depositors’ money?

Who seeks to change the face of Lebanon and write off depositors’ money?
Who seeks to change the face of Lebanon and write off depositors’ money?

It was reported by “Akhbar Al-Youm” agency:

An axis whose goals and affiliations have become known, and with the help of some hired pens – and since the formation of the new government and the start of the reform process by drawing up a plan that predicts Lebanon’s future and does not destroy it – has been spreading false news as well as distorting facts and figures in order to raise the ceilings of threats and attacks against banks.

With the re-launch of communication with the International Monetary Fund, the campaign borrowed from the damaged axis, and it seems that the ships went against what he wanted.

Pushing the bankruptcy of Lebanon, the bankruptcy of banks, and the looting of the wealth of its people through the previous plan was in the interest of “those who do not have money in the banks,” and they are the same ones who pushed towards writing off the existing funds to impoverish the people, and then introducing 5 new banks that they control, so that finance and the economy become dependent on them.

In this context, economists familiar with the banking reality warn against continuing to mislead public opinion and taking banks and depositors as hostages in order to exonerate the state’s financial crimes and thefts of those who have ruled the country and people for 30 years.

They also call to be alert to what is being plotted against citizens under the banner of protecting depositors from encroachments, cracking and threatening to close the banking sector to its customers, so they will be the most affected. Here, the banking sector was also alerted to sedition and criminal acts, so it decided to close tomorrow.

As for the axis of “those who have no money in the banks”, it became exposed, and the intensification of the campaign of fraud and the intensification of a few people sleeping on the ground under the banner of protecting depositors, is nothing but evidence of the failure of policies and trends that do not resemble the image of Lebanon, civilization and prosperity.

These economists stress: The time has come to tell the truth, highlight the truth, and stand united against practices that would destroy Lebanon and its free economy, just as all depositors’ money was written off from the smallest to the oldest… So caution is required!

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