FBI experts arrive in Cyprus to search suspicious plane

FBI experts arrive in Cyprus to search suspicious plane
FBI experts arrive in Cyprus to search suspicious plane
5 hours ago

Experts from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation arrived on the island of Cyprus with the aim of searching a plane at Paphos Airport suspected of being used to transport weapons to Libya in violation of the international embargo.

Police spokesman Christos Andrew explained that American weapons experts, in cooperation with the police and Cypriot specialists, will open the hangar in which the plane is located “in order to determine whether military equipment is on board at the present time or if it was previously on board, and whether the plane is qualified to transport weapons and if all This is related to the violation of the arms embargo on Libya.”

Andreu added that the Cypriot authorities had received from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation and the United Nations two separate requests to launch an investigation into the aforementioned plane.

Cypriot media reported that a small plane registered by the Serbian Civil Aviation Authority in August 2018, before it was deleted from the registry by the Jordanian authorities, has been located in a special hold at Paphos Airport about two years ago. The plane is recently under round-the-clock monitoring after the Cyprus authorities received a tip that it might be used in criminal activities.

According to the Cyprus Mail newspaper, United Nations experts revealed that a secret operation was taking place in Libya in 2019, funded by Western businessmen, whose goal was to supply military equipment to one of the parties to the military conflict in Libya, the forces of the “Libyan National Army” of Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, in Violation of the embargo imposed by the UN Security Council on the supply of arms to the country.


FBI experts arrive Cyprus search suspicious plane

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