Geneva International Conference: “To Build a State and a Nation in Lebanon”!

Geneva International Conference: “To Build a State and a Nation in Lebanon”!
Geneva International Conference: “To Build a State and a Nation in Lebanon”!
Historic national challenge
The Center, headed by Dr. and retired Brigadier General Ali Awad, to organize this conference, stems from the fact that the current tragic reality in Lebanon has placed the moderate Lebanese in front of a historical national challenge that requires them to take the initiative to develop a strategic vision for building a state of truth, justice, sovereignty and law, on the basis that the people are the source The authorities, and the human being is the basis for building the state, which embodies and secures the rights of citizens without discrimination.

Objectivity and independence
The organizers consider that failure to develop a rescue vision for Lebanon’s current deadly crisis will lead to the gradual dissolution of the foundations for the existence of the state and the entity.

The Center resorted to holding this conference at the University of Geneva, as it is an ancient scientific edifice, to confirm the scientific objectivity and independence of the national goals of the conference. And political, economic, social, diplomatic, union, legal, media, cultural, educational, religious, military and other personalities participate in it. Their work sectors are related to the topic of the conference, according to their responsibilities: governmental and non-governmental, national, Arab and international institutions, bodies, organizations and councils, governments, embassies and representations, governmental and non-governmental political references, international strategic and dialogue forums and centers, humanitarian organizations and the media.

Speaking at the conference will be former Minister Dr. Tarek Mitri, UN Special Coordinator in Lebanon Joanna Veronica, Vice President of MENA Regional Coordinator for the Middle East at the Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs Pasqauier Vincent, President of Saint Joseph University in Beirut Professor Salim Daccache, President of the Lebanese American University in Beirut LAU Professor Michel Moawad, Former President of the Constitutional Council of Lebanon Dr. Issam Suleiman, Former President of Lebanon’s Supreme Judicial Council Dr. Ghaleb Ghanem, University Professor, Director-General of the Arab Women Organization-League of Arab States Dr. Fadia Kiwan, Head of the International Hydrological Program-UNESCO Former Director-General of Water Resources Dr. Fadi Kamir, professor and former president of the Association of Full-time Professors at the Lebanese University Dr. Issam Khalifeh, expert specialist in public health affairs in Lebanon – WHO Beirut office In environmental affairs, Dr. Fifi Clapp, an expert in energy sciences in Lebanon – Oil and Gas – Middle East and North Africa Laurie Haitian, Secretary General of the Board of Trustees of the Lebanese Emigrant Business Council, Dr. Nassib Fawaz, University Professor, Researcher and Economist Dr. Elie Yachoui, a specialist expert in the sciences and affairs of administrative reform and planning for government institutions, Dana Siour, and Professor and President of the International Center For Strategic Studies and Media, Dr. Dean Ali Awad.

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