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Hassan Walid Kaddah, the star of the Zamalek men’s handball team, revealed that his preference for moving to Al-Abyad in order to play next to Ahmed Al-Ahmar was not pressured.

He also explained that agreeing to his departure to Poland’s Kielce two years from now is normal for handball.

Qaddah said on the Sada Al-Balad channel: “My joining Zamalek from the sun came based on my desire, and I agreed on that before the World Junior Cup.”

He continued, “I had to shoot a video to show my desire to move to Zamalek, as rumors spread that I was close to Al-Ahly at the time.”

On the pressure of Hisham Nasr, then-President of the Federation, for his departure to Zamalek, Qaddah stressed, “It is not true and it did not happen. I wished to play for Zamalek next to Ahmed Al-Ahmar and under the leadership of Hussein Zaki, and if that was the case, why did Saif Hani (Fox) move from Al-Shams to Al-Ahly, even though Zamalek wants him?” .

Speaking about his early agreement to professionalize in Poland, he explained, “The announcement that I will join the Polish Kielce after two years is normal in handball. Hansen, the best player in the world, will move to a Danish team next season, and he signed for them a year ago.”

Kaddah revealed, “I signed for Kelsey from now because the player who plays in the same position as me would have renewed with an increase in his contract if an agreement was not reached with me.”

Qaddah sent a message to the fans of Zamalek, “I do not want the fans of Zamalek to grieve for my professionalism. I will not move to a team in Egypt, but to Europe, and certainly after the end of my professional period, I will return to Zamalek again.”

Qaddah concluded his statements about the secret of choosing the number 42, “I used to play with number 4, but after my move to Zamalek, that was Muhammad Hitler’s number, so I chose 42 because I love Tunisia’s Wael Jalouz.”

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