Another suspect was arrested in the attempted assassination of Teddy Sagi in Cyprus

Another suspect was arrested in the attempted assassination of Teddy Sagi in Cyprus
Another suspect was arrested in the attempted assassination of Teddy Sagi in Cyprus

Attempted assassination of businessman Teddy Sagi: Cyprus police arrested another suspect last night (Tuesday), second in number, in connection with the assassination attempt 10 days ago. The suspect is a 27-year-old courier worker in Paphos, Cyprus.

The suspect was arrested after local police raided his apartment, after suspicion arose that he had recently been in contact with the main suspect in the affair, a 38-year-old man of Russian-Azeri descent. The suspicions arose after the Cypriot police searched and monitored his mobile device, listened to special recordings from him and discovered the connection to the other suspect.

The Cyprus police updated this morning that the arrests made may well link the suspects to the commission of the act on the basis of terrorism and not criminal. Meanwhile, the state court has ordered that all hearings on the matter be held behind closed doors.

At a hearing on Monday, the lawyers of the first suspect in the case objected to all the charges against him attributing to his actions a background of an act of terrorism. According to them, the plaintiffs must work hard to be able to prove this connection, or any possible connection between a prescription and other terrorist elements. The local media claim that the prosecution has a sufficient evidentiary basis for his conviction, and warn of a possible danger to the lives of various witnesses in the case.

The suspect’s lawyer told N12 that his client denies any connection to terrorism and that he has nothing to hide. In addition, the lawyer claimed that despite repeated requests, he did not receive the documents translated into his mother tongue (Russian) and partial translation was done only orally.

As you may recall, already with the capture of the first suspect it was announced that the main assessment is that he is part of a terrorist cell consisting of several other people. It was further reported that the squad apparently arrived in Cyprus via Turkish Cyprus. Today, the second suspect, from Pakistan, is expected to appear before the court in Nicosia for the first hearing in his case. At the same time, the hearing in the case of the first suspect will continue today.

Teddy Sagi left Cyprus at the last minute before the planned assassination, along with other Israelis who were with him. The main suspect in the affair was apprehended a few days later, very close to a building used by the Israeli businessman, in possession of a gun, silencer, gloves and other equipment. The Teddy Sagi group said: “This is an Iranian terrorist incident – which was thwarted. The target for the assassination is not Teddy Sagi but Israelis in Cyprus.”

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