Hagar and Nir got married, and that’s what caught our eye

Hagar and Nir got married, and that’s what caught our eye
Hagar and Nir got married, and that’s what caught our eye

The stars of “Wedding at First Sight”, Hagar Moshe and Nir Pur, made history in Israel when they became the first couple to participate in the program and officially establish the relationship.

Recall that the two met in 2019 in the third season of the reality show “Wedding at First Sight”. The two stood under the canopy last night (Tuesday) at the “On the Water” in Caesarea, in front of hundreds of excited guests, including members of the show.

We melted. Hagar and Nir, Photo: People Photographic

The canopy ceremony was held in the evening at sunset against the backdrop of the sea, accompanied by the singer Shimon Buskila who sang them the song “My Tomorrow”. Hagar wore a dress by designer Lehi Hood, a smooth, strapless white strapless dress with a delicate slit.

The top featured a tight corset that accentuated the waist, combined with a long skirt and stable volume. The back of the dress was slightly longer and served as a trail.

The beauty team, which included stylist Pini Sommer, hair stylist Fedor and makeup artist Liat Ben Shimshonf ensured a look of delicate makeup and natural wavy hair with Padney jewelry that complemented the elegant and successful look.

Looking back at the dress, Photo: People Photographic

“Hagar came to me on the recommendation of a makeup artist I know, and immediately had a good and enjoyable connection throughout all the measurements,” says designer Lehi Hood. “Hagar knew in advance what she wanted to look like on the wedding day and what dress she wanted. The canopy dress chosen was ivory silk fabric with a deep neckline. The second dress for the rest of the evening was a lighter dress made of satin silk fabric.”

Looking ahead, Photo: People Photographic

The groom wore a three-piece suit by designer David Sasson. The look was European, meticulous and elegant, and included a white shirt with a light gray vest and over a dark gray suit. The addition of a tie in shades of blue and burgundy matched the shade of the handkerchief that protruded from the jacket pocket.

The second dress, Photo: Liat Ben Shimshon

For the dance phase, the groom changed into a white t-shirt and the bride changed into a light suspenders dress in a top bow tie and a long flowing skirt with two slits. The addition of hair gathered in a high ponytail added to the glamorous and sexy look, a perfect look.

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