The chip crisis is coming to Apple: Expect a shortage of iPhone 13 in Israel and around the world

The chip crisis is coming to Apple: Expect a shortage of iPhone 13 in Israel and around the world
The chip crisis is coming to Apple: Expect a shortage of iPhone 13 in Israel and around the world

Official distributors in Israel warn of unusual inventory problems, just as a new report reveals that Apple is about to cut quite significantly in the production of new iPhone 13 units

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Tonight at midnight (Wednesday to Thursday) the sale of the iPhone 13 series in Israel for all 4 models will begin. But while official distributors in Israel will make white night events and send couriers in the middle of the night to bring the first iPhones to the first customers – it turns out that many who want to buy the new iPhone 13 may leave empty-handed, as a new report claims Apple is cutting back on production. , But because of the global chip crisis.

A cut of more than 10% in production

According to a Bloomberg report, Apple plans to cut the amount of future units it plans to produce by 10 million units. The company planned to produce 90 million units during the remaining 3 months of 2021, but due to significant delays at two major vendors (Broadcom and Texas Instruments that produce display chips, Face ID, connectivity and more), it will be forced to cancel production of many units that were supposed to arrive To stores around the world ahead of the holiday season, which is the most critical shopping period of the year. Bloomberg’s report also likely led to a decline in shares of Apple, Broadcom and Texas Instruments.

Bloomberg’s report also aligns with Tim Cook’s statement during the company’s recent investor talk, when he warned that the chip crisis was going to affect the company’s smartphone sales in the last three months of the year: “We’re kind of taking it one quarter at a time, and as you “We assume we will do everything we can to manage the circumstances that will come our way,” Cook said.

What is the “chip crisis” and why did it happen?

The chip and semiconductor crisis is a kind of perfect storm: almost every device we buy today, whether it’s a smartphone, TV or microwave, comes with a chipset. With the outbreak of the plague, many factories around the world were shut down for periods, while consumption rose. The move to work from home has led to a demand for laptops and other necessary components, and in general people have started purchasing more and more products for their home. These chips are manufactured by a small number of manufacturers including Intel and Samsung and Taiwanese TSMC, the largest manufacturer in the world. In recent years, due to the high costs of manufacturing the chips, a number of companies have decided to stop manufacturing the chips themselves, and they are content with their design.

Faced with limited supply, and growing demand, manufacturers have had to wait a long time for components needed to manufacture or launch their products, and many have postponed smartphone launches or canceled car launches, and in the background a rise in prices or at least a reduction in product prices is brewing. The crisis is still giving its signals, when according to many estimates, it will remain with us well into 2022

The networks are already warning of shortages

If you are looking for the first evidence of a significant reduction in the production of iPhones, you can find it right here in Israel. The iStore network, for example, announced that “the stock levels that arrived at the launch are indeed challenging and do not necessarily meet the existing demand in the market… The demand is high and there may be shortages in various models”, and iDigital also warned that “according to updates received from Apple The iPhone 13 will be significantly lower than it was in previous launches. This situation is expected to create major shortages in Israel in the first weeks of the launch. “

Here’s all we thought about the iPhone 13 Pro

Amirim Distribution, which only became Apple’s official distributor this year, also announced on its Facebook page that it is opening the orders for the new iPhones, but with a slight caveat: “At the moment we only allow the purchase of models we know for sure. If the delivery expectation is unknown, we will not allow the purchase from the site “, and indeed according to the new distributor’s website, all iPhone 13 Pro models are already out of stock, as are many of the iPhone 13 Pro Max models.

Legitimate has learned that compared to the stock of the iPhone 12 during the launch period, the stock to come of the iPhone 13 models has been cut by 50%. In short, if you have not reserved a new iPhone 13 for yourself so far, keep in mind that the initial stock will at least be very limited, and it will be several more weeks before you can find it in stores.

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