Want a new iPhone 13? You may have to wait

Want a new iPhone 13? You may have to wait
Want a new iPhone 13? You may have to wait

Broken phone: Apple will not meet the production targets of the new iPhone 13 ahead of the American holiday season due to an international shortage of electronic chips, it was reported last night (Tuesday) in the United States.

The technology giant planned to produce 90 million iPhones before the end of the year, but will likely have to produce a maximum of 80 million, as the companies that supply it with chips, Broadcom and Texas Instruments, will not be able to meet demand, according to a Bloomberg publication. News “.

Apple unveiled the new iPhone last month, which will be sold in four different models, including the iPhone 13 Mini which is expected to cost $ 700 and the iPhone Pro Max which will cost $ 1,100.

The company’s CEO Tim Cook warned in a quarterly earnings report in late July that disruptions in the international supply chain would have an even greater impact on the current quarter than it had on the previous three months. And stems from a demand that is significantly higher than expected.


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