He lives homeless and sick.. The son of a famous Egyptian singer asks to be returned to his country

A great tragedy is experienced by Nour Muhammad Abdul-Muttalib, son of the late famous Egyptian singer Muhammad Abdul-Muttalib, who has lived in Morocco for 30 years, where he suffers from several diseases that may lead to amputation of his leg. He is also homeless and is currently residing in a modest hotel room.

The artist’s son revealed in exclusive statements to “Al Arabiya.net” from Morocco, that he suffers from several severe diseases, and needs to return to Egypt for treatment, as he suffers from semi-paralysis in his leg and needs intensive treatment so as not to lead to amputation.

The late famous singer and his son

The son of the late artist left Egypt 30 years ago to work and live in Morocco, which he loves and loves its people. Severe and dangerous pain in his right leg, and he contacted Dr. Medhat El-Adl, the film producer, and Hani Shaker, the head of the Musicians’ Syndicate, in order to return to Egypt and perform urgent surgery to save his leg.

He pointed out that Dr. Medhat El-Adl contacted Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health, and Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration, in order to end the speedy procedures, return him to Egypt and send an ambulance equipped to transport him from Cairo Airport to the hospital immediately.

Noor Abdul Muttalib

The son of the late Egyptian artist is 80 years old, and recently suffered during his stay in Morocco, from problems that forced him to leave his apartment, in which he lived for 12 years, and went to stay in a small room in a modest hotel, and he still lives in it now.

Muhammad Abd al-Muttalib, Nour’s father, and his name was Muhammad Abd al-Muttalib Abd al-Aziz al-Ahmar. He was known by the title “King of Mawwail” and “Abu al-Ghanwah.” Dean of Arabic literature, Taha Hussein, described him as “the voice of the Egyptian neighborhood.” .

His beginnings were when he was included in the Daoud Hosni band for his band, and sang in the Badia Theater in 1932. He was appointed by the musician of generations, Mohamed Abdel Wahab, in his band and excelled in singing the mawwael, and Mahmoud Sharif composed for him “You ask me with your love for me.” Among his most famous songs are “Ramadan Jana” and “Bahr Zad.” And “Oh white night”, “Take care of the hands of the one who bought”, “I loved you and I love you”, “I said no to me”, “Oh envious of people”, “I live in the lady’s neighborhood”, and “Oh people of love” And “Goodbye to your love”, “Ask once for him”, “People in love”, “I saw my love”, “I will never do anything for him”, “Farewell to your love”, “You ask me why I love you”, and “I am my money?” ‘, and ‘Oh dear friends’.

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