“Senior Game” in Saudi cinemas… Tomorrow

“Senior Game” in Saudi cinemas… Tomorrow
“Senior Game” in Saudi cinemas… Tomorrow

Tomorrow, Thursday, the new Saudi movie “Game of Seniors” (Certificate of Thanks) will be shown in cinemas in the Kingdom, which revolves around an employee working in a delivery company. So he takes him and starts spending from him, and gets married, then he is surprised that the fund belongs to a gang that starts chasing and threatening him, and succeeds in bringing him back.

The movie “The Game of Seniors” was filmed and executed under the general supervision of Ahmed Hashem Nagro, written and directed by Haider Samir, and starring Saudi artists: Faisal Al-Omari, Al-Anoud Saud, Sultan Al-Muqbali, Adel Al-Otaibi, Najla Al-Abdullah, Agadir Al-Saeed, Mahdi Al-Nasser, Rania Jaber, Abdul Rahman Boudi, Lubna Abdulaziz, Maryam Abdulaziz, Jarrah Al-Dossari and Ibrahim Al-Adb, Maria Baraka and Mustafa Al-Mubarak.

The day before yesterday, an opening ceremony and a special screening of the film was held on the occasion of the launch of its screenings in Saudi cinemas starting today, and it is also expected to be shown in Gulf and Arab cinemas during the coming period.


Senior Game Saudi cinemas Tomorrow

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