Recruitment on the condition of citizenship! – Saudi News

Recruitment on the condition of citizenship! – Saudi News
Recruitment on the condition of citizenship! – Saudi News

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Human Resources, Saad Al Hammad, announced the punishment of a commercial establishment that stipulated a specific nationality in the employment application. The penalty came for violating the system that prohibits discrimination in employment advertisements or job applicants, as this discrimination violates the principle of equal opportunities!

Al-Hammad pointed out the importance of the society’s role in confronting such violations by reporting them, and this is an important fact, as some fail to play this role, while in fact he does not give up exercising his role towards society and even gives up his personal right, which gives the opportunity for violators to continue practicing their violations Violation of regulations and damage to the labor market!

Confronting discrimination in the labor market, whether in terms of employment opportunities or the work environment, is a basis for creating an attractive, motivating and accomplished work environment, where opportunities for employment and promotion are equal without discrimination or favoritism!

Wherever there is discrimination, there is administrative and financial corruption, as well as imbalance in work efficiency and poor productivity, while those who lose their opportunities because of discrimination feel frustration and despair about the future, and society loses their contribution!

In short, the society in search of reform is the watchdog of the law!


Recruitment condition citizenship Saudi News

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