Al-Akhbar: Lebanon cannot tolerate another Detlev Mehlis!

Al-Akhbar: Lebanon cannot tolerate another Detlev Mehlis!
Al-Akhbar: Lebanon cannot tolerate another Detlev Mehlis!

Going back 16 years. To August 2005, when an international investigator decided to subjugate the Lebanese security and judicial authorities, and decided to arrest the four officers and others on charges of participating in the assassination of Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.

Let us leave the executive procedure aside, not for its insignificance, but for the metaphor of what is going on today. And whoever was not fully conscious or rational at that time, he only has to restore the media archive of what happened at that time.

An “orchestra” was prominent in what happened on the street, and the accompanying media leaks, false witnesses, and fabrications, with a focus on limiting pressure on the Syrian regime in order to end its military and security presence, and then hit its political connections in Lebanon. The main forces in the March 14 team, especially the Future Movement, the Progressive Socialist Party, and even the Lebanese Forces and all the figures of this grouping, were pushed to an understanding with Hezbollah to prevent a comprehensive confrontation with it. But the conductor of the “orchestra” did not take long before he moved to the second stage, which was launched with the announcement of investigations that lead to the existence of a Lebanese network, not Syria, and the internal preparation for a mobilizing atmosphere that accompanied the extensive Israeli aggression against Lebanon in 2006. While everyone was waiting for Israel to accomplish the task The international investigation comes with the final blow. The results of the war were contrary to expectations and wishes, so it was decided to accelerate the political escalation, with which the stage of accusing Hezbollah of Hariri’s assassination practically began, but the matter would not have been limited to that, had it not been for the enormous ability of the political class itself, and behind it the foreign capitals, to control By the judiciary and the Lebanese security services, which kept the arrest of the four officers until the formation of the international tribunal and to wrap up the false witnesses case.

This reminder is also intended to point out that the media archive re-enactments what the political forces serving on the ground were doing. Do you remember the pictures that were raised in the squares, which later turned out to include everyone who was wanted to be arrested, not just the four officers? Didn’t those involved admit that they wanted to arrest politicians, ministers, and even judges and administrators? Do you remember the defamation, threats and intimidation on the street, in the media, in extensive statements to the Security Council and the foreign ministries in America and Europe, and the threats of the ambassadors of America, Britain, France and with them Saudi Arabia and others in order to subjugate everyone to what the American formula requires to strike the resistance and Syria and those who were with them in Lebanon?

Let’s go back to our days.

An outsider who does not learn from the lessons of history, as the experiences of the past two decades show us, decided to repeat the same scene today. The same team is active again, with all its old or new internal equipment, and with it the external team from America, Britain and France (and Germany, which is also involved in malicious and dangerous involvement), as well as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and others. They set out on their new journey by also demanding an international investigation into the crime of the port explosion. But they faced difficulty due to the balance of power. And because this time they did not have enough time to program the goals in a different way, and were in a hurry to transform the popular results of the October 2019 movement and then blow up the port into facts to capture all the joints of the state, they added to their agenda the item of collective exhaustion of the Lebanese, through a handful of merchants and thieves. And the mortgagors who are still in their prime positions in the sectors of security, finance and even the judiciary.

There is no goal for all of these but to hit the resistance and Hezbollah. Their goal is not related to the role of the internal party, which is a very tolerant role and is criticized by the majority of its allies who believe in the cause of the resistance. Rather, it is related to the central role that the resistance played and is playing, not in the region as a whole. All they think about is how to hold Hezbollah responsible for all the devastation that befell Lebanon. And here we are approaching a round of major theft of Lebanon’s visible capabilities or those stored in the subsoil and sea in order to ensure the complete subordination of these countries to the American-European-Saudi system.

in hand stunt

What has happened since Tariq al-Bitar took over the investigation file into the port crime indicates many things, the most prominent of which is that this system found in its hand a trick called the judicial investigator, and he accepted this role, either as an illusion from him for a major role that leads him to the ranks of “saviors”, or his involvement in what is greater. It is a legitimate accusation regarding what he has been doing and insisting on for weeks, even before noon yesterday. The far-resourceful has elements of work outside of his office. So, back to the intimidation and pressure game:

– A media wave from the media of Tahnoun bin Zayed, Turki Al Sheikh and Dorothy Shea is active, without stopping, to beatify Al-Bitar as a saint the Lebanese have been waiting for since before the establishment of this country, and that salvation will be complete and comprehensive on his hands, and that he is the only one who enjoys immunity unlike everyone, officials and citizens, He has the right to arrest them, to continue arresting them, to summon them, and to prosecute them… There is no training for them to question, inquire, or even suspect.

Did Al-Bitar meet Americans and Westerners at his home, and can he explain to us why he rushed to issue arrest warrants against the request?

– A wave of “embassy chicks” affiliated with groups and associations returned to the archives of the year 2005 and began to move every day to raise pictures of who al-Bitar must arrest or subject to investigation, in order to intimidate judges who could stop his hand or accept the defendants’ suspicion of him, until the judges became In a state of fear that prompted many of them to explicitly say that they are afraid of holding this file, and they are working at a high speed that they have never done in dealing with the files of thousands of detainees in prisons without trial, or in the face of money whales who stole the money of people and depositors.

– A wave of statements and positions issued by the United States and European Union countries in support of what Al-Bitar is doing, and public and non-public warnings to all those who try to object, wielding the sword of personal penalties on charges of corruption, and who today embrace the major corrupt and thieves in their hotels and corporate headquarters.

push towards clash

Practically speaking, Judge Bitar is supposed to answer people’s questions about what he is doing. It is not true that he is conservative, and I, personally, testify before any judge about the amount of media communication with him, and communication with lawyers, judges and civil figures, as well as the families of the detainees in the context of what he considers “the expansion of the popular tent incubating what he is doing.” But it didn’t stop there. Will Judge Al-Bitar answer us whether or not he received the American ambassador, Dorothy Shea, at his home? Did he meet European diplomats or not? Did he meet with personalities that he knows are nothing but a link with Arab ambassadors, or not?

In practice, Al-Bitar says he is not subject to political pressure. Until yesterday, he considered that what was described as threatening the official in Hezbollah, Wafiq Safa, was a slip of the tongue by a party official subject to pressure from the defendants. However, after hearing the positions of the Secretary-General of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, he realized that the matter was related to the position of the entire party. However, and contrary to what he claims that he is not subject to the influence of political positions, Al-Bitar decided yesterday to respond to Nasrallah’s words by issuing an arrest warrant against Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, bypassing the simplest legal formalities, including refusing to inform the decision to stop his hand until the issuance of the issuance The memo was quickly leaked to the media.

There are many things that Judge Al-Bitar knows that they are no longer secrets, including those who promised him peace and comfort in Lebanon or abroad, and there are many things that he knows are no longer secrets about the consultations with senior judges in the country to determine the identity of the judges who are supposed to be referred to requests for response or suspicion. He acts on the basis that he is subject to “comprehensive external protection” that allows him to do whatever is necessary, without taking any considerations.

However, if considerations related to his honorable person, his mentality, and his approach to life in general and not to his work files were bypassed, did Al-Bitar think that what he is doing is nothing but a poor copy of what the outsider tried to do in 2005? Isn’t there someone around him who tells him that “the time of the first has changed”, and that the targeted resistance first and foremost will not accept the repetition of the scenario of arbitrary arrest or heading towards national strife, nor taking the country back to the furnace of strife that paves the way for Israeli aggression, which is no longer an easy matter as in the past, And that it did not accept the oil embargo and decided to confront the US-Israeli-Saudi blockade by bringing Iranian oil derivatives to Lebanon, and is it ready to do everything necessary to prevent a recurrence of the matter?

Tariq Al-Bitar is not a foreign agent as some of his opponents believe, but he is someone who needs someone to wake him up from his slumber, and to explain to him that the country is not left to the “chicks of embassies”, nor to the “roosters” who squawk in the dustbins of history… Therefore, the slogan will be Same: Tariq Al-Bitar, fear God and leave!

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