Assessment: Another Arab state on the way to relations with Israel

Assessment: Another Arab state on the way to relations with Israel
Assessment: Another Arab state on the way to relations with Israel

Optimism in the political system regarding the chances that another Arab country will soon join the Avraham agreements and recognize Israel. In recent weeks, the Biden administration has stepped up its efforts to renew the momentum of the Abrahamic Accords and bring closer to Israel countries that do not recognize it. Among other things, the administration is in accelerated contacts with Sudan, which recognized Israel but did not complete the normalization process, did not send an official representative to Israel – and did not open a representative office in Israel.

Alongside Sudan, which was one of the four countries of the Abrahamic Accords, contacts are being made with another country. Due to the sensitivity of the issue it is not possible at this stage to add details. This is what the political correspondent of “Israel Today”, Ariel Kahana, publishes this morning (Wednesday).

At the same time, Foreign Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Yair Lapid is expected to hold a tripartite meeting in Washington tomorrow with US Secretary of State Anthony Blinkan and their emirate counterpart, Abdullah Ben-Zayed, on the anniversary of the Avraham agreements. The three will even have a joint dinner. Lapid will also hold a separate meeting with Blinken, which focuses on efforts to attach additional Arab states to the Abrahamic agreements. Yesterday, Lapid met with US Vice President Kamla Harris, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the bipartisan leadership of Congress.

Lapid also met with US National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan. At the center of their conversation was Iran’s nuclear threat. Lapid’s office stated that, Lapid also spoke with the National Security Adviser about the need for an alternative plan to the nuclear deal. At the same time, the two discussed the plan for the Gaza Strip, “Economy for Security,” initiated by Lapid and ways to further strengthen the US-Israel strategic and security alliance.

(Torch visits Morocco).


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