Egypt.. full details of the killing of a girl at the hands of her aunt and uncle

Egypt.. full details of the killing of a girl at the hands of her aunt and uncle
Egypt.. full details of the killing of a girl at the hands of her aunt and uncle

Hearts are like stones or more cruel, those sinful hands that kill innocent souls, children are like flowers, winds of homes, extend to them by torture and their argument is politeness, but they do not know that they are soft branches, hurt by the look, let alone electrocution, stories are told here and there, their victims innocent.

Investigations by the security services in Qalyubia, Egypt, into the killing of an orphan girl, Anwar, 11, at the hands of her uncle and aunt, after being tortured by burning and electric shock, revealed that the girl has two other brothers, who live with their aunt, after the death of their father two years ago, and she left them Their mother moved to her homeland in Jordan.

When the detectives questioned my brother, the victim of Benha’s torture during the investigations, they confirmed that their aunt constantly beat their sister with the intent to discipline her, and on the day of the incident she used her uncle, after she accused the girl of stealing money from her, electrocuting her, and burning her body until she died, according to Al-Watan newspaper.

By signing a medical examination with the knowledge of the health inspector on the deceased girl, he confirmed the presence of bruises on the face, arms, back and right leg, and a cut wound above the eyebrow, and there were no fractures to the head or body despite the defendants’ claim that she had fallen from a height. The victim must be beaten with the intent of disciplining her for stealing money from her aunt.

Neighbors of the 11-year-old victim revealed that she had excelled academically and had been living with her aunt for two years after her father’s death.

The neighbors added that they learned that her 65-year-old aunt beat and tortured her with the help of her brother, and they gave her electric shocks to discipline her, but she breathed her last.

Major General Mohsen Shaaban, Director of Qalyubia Security, received a notification from the Banha Police Station that an 11-year-old girl had died, and her family had claimed that she had fallen from the fifth floor.

By research and investigation, it was found that the uncle and aunt of the victim were behind the crime. The accused were arrested and confronted them, they confessed to committing the incident and were referred to the Public Prosecution, which decided to imprison them for 4 days pending investigations, and the investigations of the detectives about the incident and its circumstances, and questioning eyewitnesses and neighbors.

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