The President’s participation in the summit of “Vieshgrad countries and Egypt” topped the attention of the newspapers

The President’s participation in the summit of “Vieshgrad countries and Egypt” topped the attention of the newspapers
The President’s participation in the summit of “Vieshgrad countries and Egypt” topped the attention of the newspapers

Cairo – AA:

The participation of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi in the summit of Visegrad countries and Egypt, which was held in the Hungarian capital Budapest, and news of local affairs topped the interests of the Egyptian newspapers issued today, Wednesday.

Al-Ahram, Al-Akhbar and Al-Gomhouria addressed President Sisi’s assertion, during the summit, that Egypt has a leadership that respects its people, strives for its advancement, and does not succumb to any dictates of what it does. He called on Europe to understand what is happening in Egypt, and to have a deep and comprehensive dialogue On dealing with the issue of illegal immigration, noting that Egypt has received six million refugees, and deals with them as (guests) not (refugees), and refused to bid for them.

The three newspapers quoted the president as saying, during his participation in the summit (the countries of Visegrad and Egypt), that Egypt seeks to progress in all fields, in order to provide a decent life for its citizens, adding at a press conference, that the (our European friends) in the assembly understand what is happening in Egypt is important. , but it is not enough, stressing that we are a leadership that respects and loves its people and strives for their progress, and we do not need anyone to tell us that your human rights standards have been exceeded.

President El-Sisi explained, “I am responsible for the lives of 100 million citizens and their preservation, and this is not easy. On the issue of illegal immigration, the President stressed that Egypt did not leave the refugees it hosts to meet their fate at sea or to the unknown, but rather integrated them into society.” He stressed that Egypt did not accept, from a moral or humanitarian perspective, to gather refugees in camps, or to export them to Europe through illegal immigration.

The newspapers highlighted President Sisi’s assertion, during his speech at the summit, that Egypt aspires to further cooperation with the countries of the Visegrad group, which includes Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, to transfer expertise and technology, localize industry, and cooperate in the field of education, training and universities, adding that Egypt is growing and progressing at unprecedented rates in its recent history, taking into account the magnitude of the accumulated challenges and the scarcity of resources.

President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi also reviewed the developments of the situation in the Middle East and the many challenges facing the region, on top of which is the collapse of the concept of the nation-state, in addition to the weakness of the institutions of those countries that suffer the brunt of crises. political crises.

Al-Ahram, Al-Akhbar and Al-Gomhouria also focused on a number of different local issues, foremost of which was the confirmation of Lieutenant-General Muhammad Zaki, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, Minister of Defense and Military Production, during the graduation ceremony of the 159th batch of the Institute of Non-Commissioned Officers Teachers, the first assistant class. Martyr Bassam Naguib Ibrahim Ali, said that non-commissioned officers and military manufacturers are one of the strong forearms on which the armed forces depend to build modern armed forces capable of fulfilling their duties, and demanded that they preserve the principles, values ​​and established traditions of the Egyptian military and continue to be informed, informed and knowledgeable so that the armed forces always remain on the covenant Protect the homeland and preserve its capabilities.

Economic activity has captured the attention of most Egyptian newspapers published today. Al-Ahram newspaper sheds light on the news related to the new project of the Assiut Refinery, at a cost of 6 billion pounds. In this context, it stated that the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, Eng. Tarek El Molla, witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding. Between Assiut Petroleum Refining Company, Enppi and Petrojet, for the construction of the new distillation project at the Assiut Refinery at an investment cost of 6 billion pounds and a design capacity of 5 million tons of crude annually, including gas recovery units (butane).

Al-Ahram pointed out that this comes within the framework of the continuous expansion of the refinery, which is the mainstay in securing supplies of petroleum products to Upper Egypt.

Al-Ahram also quoted Minister of Finance Dr. Mohamed Maait’s affirmation of the state’s keenness to encourage domestic and foreign private investment, by increasing the private sector’s contribution to the comprehensive and sustainable development process, as it is the locomotive of economic growth that helps sustain the rotation of the economy’s wheel, noting that what The government has undertaken during the past seven years of unprecedented projects to create infrastructure at the highest level; Help improve the investment climate and attract new investments.
In the health sector, Al-Gomhouria newspaper highlighted the news of the Minister of Health and Population, Dr. Hala Zayed, launching 20 free medical convoys for reproductive health and family planning in 57 of the most needy villages at the level of 17 governorates of the Republic within the “Our Days Are Better” initiative throughout October. This is part of the periodic convoys organized by the ministry within the framework of the national project for the development of the Egyptian family.

Also dealing with the local issue, Al-Akhbar newspaper quoted Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly’s affirmation – during his visit yesterday to Luxor Governorate to inspect a number of projects being implemented in the tourism, service and development fields – that the countries with all their agencies offer all the capabilities necessary to hold a major celebration to promote Luxor Governorate under The title of “Luxor in its new dress” is on the sidelines of the completion of the project to revitalize the Great Processions Road, known as the “Road of Rams”.

The Prime Minister stressed that President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is following up on the preparations that are in full swing to hold this celebration to match the festivity of the Pharaonic mummies procession that dazzled the whole world.

In global affairs, Al-Akhbar newspaper focused on the launch of the Twenty Virtual Summit on Afghanistan, and said in this context that the Extraordinary Group of Twenty Summit on Afghanistan was launched in the Italian capital, Rome, and the government of Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, explained that the virtual summit that will be held via video , focusing on urgent humanitarian support (for the Afghan population, the fight against terrorism, freedom of movement within the country and the opening of borders).

She pointed out that the summit was held with the participation of heads of state and government along with the World Bank, the United Nations and the European Commission, but the Russian and Chinese presidents were absent, with representatives participating, according to the Italian “AKI” agency.

Al-Akhbar indicated that with the start of the talks, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen announced a €1 billion EU aid package for the Afghan people and neighboring countries to avoid a humanitarian, economic and social collapse, adding that “the Afghan people should not pay the price for the actions of the Taliban.” .. Therefore, the support package is directed to the Afghan people and the neighboring countries, which were the first to provide them with assistance.”

For her part, EU spokeswoman Nabila Masrali said that the meeting would allow the US and the European side to address issues including providing safe passage for those wishing to leave, ensuring humanitarian access, respecting women’s rights and preventing Afghanistan from becoming a haven for terrorist groups.

Egypt stressed that the “unofficial” meeting does not constitute recognition of the transitional government announced by the Taliban, which had seized power in Afghanistan last August, coinciding with the withdrawal of the United States from the country after a 20-year war. No country has yet recognized the legitimacy of the rule Taliban in Afghanistan.

In its discussion of the local affairs, Al-Ahram newspaper reported that the country was exposed, yesterday evening and at dawn yesterday, to heavy thunderstorms accompanied by severe lightning, in some areas of Cairo, the cities of the Canal, the Lower Egypt governorates, Sinai and even northern Upper Egypt, foreshadowing a severely cold and rainy winter this year. , due to being affected by the extension of the seasonal Sudan depression, and the opportunity remains for light rain to fall on separate areas of the western coasts (Matrouh, Salloum, El Dabaa) today and tomorrow.

The newspaper pointed out that to avoid any crises during the winter season, the governorates intensified their preparations and plans to confront the rainy season, and any potential crises, adding that Major General Khaled Abdel-Aal, Governor of Cairo, confirmed – in this context – the development of a tight plan in coordination with the sanitation company for the rapid deployment of equipment and emergency teams in the streets. The capital to face any emergency, or collect water in any location.​

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