Ilanit Levy reveals complications at birth: “It’s really a trauma”

Ilanit Levy reveals complications at birth: “It’s really a trauma”
Ilanit Levy reveals complications at birth: “It’s really a trauma”

Three weeks have passed since they became Ilanit Levi And her husband Eliraz Sadeh For new parents toI will see Their little daughter. Levy now reveals complications she underwent in the caesarean section, which led to two more surgeries and a two-week hospitalization. In a video she uploaded to Story, Levy said as she tried to avoid crying: “I had a caesarean section. It’s hard for me to describe in words it seems to me that time will pass and it will be easier for me, too. Aline andLiam Born in Caesarea. The caesarean section was complicated.

There is a matter of contagions from past emperors, the contagions led to some complications, which led to a second surgery and these two surgeries resulted in 14 days of hospitalization. Two weeks in the hospital, pain that the devil did not create, and that’s it. After two weeks we got home thank God now it’s behind us, I’m recovering physically and mentally which is no less important and difficult. “Right now it’s really a trauma, but we’re behind it.”

Ilanit Levy (Photo: Instagram screenshot)

“In the first days I was not with us and could not be with the girl and every mother will understand how hard it is when you die to touch and lift, I will not continue because I do not want to cry again. Physically now I am really fine, mentally too, soon I will be better.” About her husband Eliraz Sadeh said: “He experiences the fear and pain no less than I do. Does not move from the hospital, two weeks does not move from my bed, I have the most champion husband in the world and I have the sweetest girl in the worlds.”

Liam Golan, Eliraz Sadeh, Ilanit Levy, Aline Golan (Photo: Aviv Hofi)


Ilanit Levy reveals complications birth trauma

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