Lebanon is actually entering the regional and international orbit of “Al Tanach”.

Lebanon is actually entering the regional and international orbit of “Al Tanach”.
Lebanon is actually entering the regional and international orbit of “Al Tanach”.

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Lebanon has actually entered the orbit of regional and international “talk” after it has become “powerless” and unable to negotiate with any party naturally, that is, peer to peer, and is waiting for what is presented to it under the pretext of helping it out of its crises.

Despite the crowds of international delegates and the offers they carry, most of which come to serve their interests and not the interest of Lebanon, any serious and clear work has not taken place until now, and that everything that is said from here or there is still just talk in the air that does not fatten or sing from hunger, and it is The strong line of rams does not exceed the line between the powers of the East and the West in order to achieve international gains on the land of Lebanon, which has reached the stage of its last breath.

According to the data and information obtained from more than one side, the economic and financial situation that currently exists in Lebanon is liable to worsen and deteriorate further with the days, and that all that is said about treatments is nothing more than a matter of reassurances and injecting some optimism in order to calm the street and not let it slip in the face of the government, They attribute this information to the fear that the situation will continue to deteriorate in the next stage to the fact that none of the files that caused Lebanon to reach what it has reached have not been approached so far in an actual and serious way, and that everything that is happening is just a patch, waiting for a solution to take place on the negotiating table that is taking place. Behind the seas, there is more than one party concerned with the Lebanese issue, which means that the deadly stalemate will remain dominant on the Lebanese scene, pending the occurrence of fundamental changes on the international regional stage.

A government tendency to intensify meetings and communicate with abroad to approach the files and address as much as possible to achieve the goal of obtaining aid

Hence, the Lebanese officials are now standing on the sidewalk waiting for solutions to these variables, foremost of which are the changes on the Iranian-Saudi negotiation line, in which the negotiations are said to have transcended the stage of stagnation and stagnation, to the slow progression that counts for momentum in the coming weeks after the Saudi parties expressed And the Iranian desires to restore the normal waters of relations between them, in addition to what reveals the occurrence of communication between the two parties on the land of Iraq from time to time, which may turn into public negotiations soon after the completion of the understanding on the broad lines of the basis of the existing problem between them. In addition to the Iranian-Saudi negotiations, there is the nuclear file, which, if completed, will positively affect many files in the Middle East, and Lebanon will be the most prominent beneficiary of this agreement if the dispute between the two sides ends in the foreseeable future.

The question that arises is: Should Lebanon, which is on the threshold of complete collapse, wait for the signals that can reach it through these files to do what it must do?

Well-informed political sources stress the need for Lebanon not to remain in a state of waiting, and that it must meet these expected developments by taking a package of reform and procedural steps at all levels to be immune to any external winds of any kind, otherwise it will be at the forefront of countries that usually have to pay The prices of any international settlements, and that he has to deal with this reality on the basis of “in the event of international disputes, keep your head” and preserving this head is through arranging the interior of the house and settling the open windows in order to avoid any violent storms that would topple everything.

The sources point out that Lebanon today has a last chance to rescue, if it was best to deal with it, he survived, and if he failed, it vanished and ended, and that what is optimistic is that all parties in Lebanon are aware of these matters, and that they are aware that any missing step in the air will be a heavy price. very.

From here, these sources believe that international delegates should hear from Lebanese officials one language, whether at the level of negotiations with the International Monetary Fund, or at the level of border demarcation, or at the level of the assistance these countries can provide to address the existing crises, especially the electricity file. And fuel, in order not to appear divided and weak, for the elements of Lebanon’s strength are present in the unity of its position, and this matter makes Lebanon able to negotiate on any matter, without being forced to make any kind of concessions that affect its unity and national constants.

These sources quoted one of the ministers as saying that the government is determined, despite its short life, to achieve achievements in dealing with open files, and it has taken a decision to intensify meetings and raise the frequency of contacts with abroad to achieve the specific goal, which is the actual exit from the crisis, regardless of the time that will take to do so, explaining that Lebanon will be with Gabeel Al-Ayam a kiss for many delegates whose countries want to know the reality of the existing crisis, and what can be done to help Lebanon, but under the heading of initiating reforms before anything else, and this is what the government will actually do to drop any arguments for any country that really wants to extend A helping hand for Lebanon.

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