This is what Nasrallah proved in his speech…

“Strong Republic” bloc member, MP Tony Habashi, was surprised by the “unusual interference in a judicial process”, before waiting for the result and reviewing the merits, saying in a statement to Asharq Al-Awsat that the attack on the judge “comes from the pillars of power, which raises fear on the process.” The judiciary is carried out by Judge Al-Bitar.

In an interview with Asharq Al-Awsat, he said that what is happening “began to raise doubts about the intentions of the objectors to the judicial track and their standing in the face of Al-Bitar,” explaining that “it began to cast doubt on the involvement of those who wanted to stop this investigation and prevent it from reaching a conclusion, and therefore refuses to There will be a trial in any file.” He said: “It is shameful for any party to object to this investigation into the murder of more than two hundred people and the destruction of half of the capital, and therefore Al-Bitar must be left on his path until he gives us the results and there we judge them.”

Habashi considered that “pre-empting the judicial procedures by attacking them and dealing with the judge with threats proves that what the security official in (Hezbollah) Wafiq Safa did is not an individual act, which was proven by Nasrallah in his speech,” refusing to object to the judicial process “especially since the defendants are not Weakened, rather they are the pillars of authority and are stronger than the farrier himself,” noting that standing in the way of the investigation “is an obstacle and encourages impunity.”

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