Video: Bennett calls on the Security Council to take action against Iran

Video: Bennett calls on the Security Council to take action against Iran
Video: Bennett calls on the Security Council to take action against Iran

On Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett called on the UN Security Council to take action against Iran over its pursuit of its nuclear program.

Bennett said, at a conference organized by the “Jerusalem Post” newspaper in Jerusalem, that he expected the world powers to “bring (Iran) to the United Nations Security Council” to hold it accountable, describing this as a “peaceful path.”

The speech he gave at the Museum of Tolerance in Jerusalem indicated that Iran’s behavior is the problem of every country, and is subject to global accountability.

The Israeli prime minister added that he presented the issue to some world leaders, including US President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, stressing that Iran is violating basic international obligations even beyond the stalled efforts to revive the multi-state agreement to curb its nuclear capabilities.

Bennett’s comments came in conjunction with Foreign Minister Yair Lapid’s first visit to Washington, where he was expected to explain in detail the threats posed by Iran to the Middle East and Israel in particular.

Lapid was also expected to spread Israel’s message on Iran and other topics in meetings with Vice President Kamala Harris, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and congressional leaders of both parties.

In August, Bennett met US President Biden for the first time as prime minister, with Iran high on the agenda.

For its part, the Biden administration is trying to revive the 2015 agreement to curb Iran’s nuclear capacity.

Bennett’s calls coincided with Iran’s start of massive two-day defensive maneuvers on Tuesday in the country’s vast central desert region, state television announced.

Iran held maneuvers earlier this month near its border with Azerbaijan, flexing its military capabilities near a neighbor it is suspicious of because of its ties to the West and Israel.


Video Bennett calls Security Council action Iran

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