The new gay “Superman”

The new Superman, son of Clark Kent, falls in love with his friend and is openly bisexual, in a new November episode of The Adventures of the Superhero, DC Comics, a Warner Bros publishing house, announced Monday.

The next episode is a new expression of the quest to adapt American comics to changing moral values, according to AFP.

The author of the new episode, Tom Taylor, explained in a statement accompanying a drawing by artist John Tims, showing John Kent, the son of Superman, kissing a young man on the mouth, journalist Jay Nakamura, “I have always said that everyone needs heroes and has the right to be represented by these heroes. “.

The DC Comics ad included the following statement: “John Kent has found his identity (…) The new Superman is openly bisexual.”

Taylor said, “Superman has always been a symbol of hope, truth and justice. Today (…) more people can find themselves in the most powerful comic strip superheroes.”

In the August issue of “Superman,” John Kent, son of Clark Kent and journalist Lois Lane, befriended reporter Jay Nakamura. In the issue of November 9 in the United States, this relationship will turn into a romantic love story.

The “gay Superman” rumor and the superhero’s homosexuality during the summer caused a sensation in professional publications and fan websites.


gay Superman

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