Channels broadcasting the match between Syria and Lebanon in the World Cup qualifiers

Channels broadcasting the match between Syria and Lebanon in the World Cup qualifiers
Channels broadcasting the match between Syria and Lebanon in the World Cup qualifiers

(King Abdullah II Stadium) in Jordan is witnessing a purely Arab confrontation between Syria and Lebanon in the fourth round of Group A qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup in Asia.

In the following report, (Erm News) reviews the main features of the confrontation between Syria and Lebanon in the World Cup qualifiers.

Date and carrier channels

The match will be held between the hosting Syrian national team and “Lebanon” at (King Abdullah II) Stadium in Jordan in the fourth round of Group A of the Asian qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup.

The match will start at seven o’clock in the evening, Tuesday, the time of Syria, Lebanon and Jordan.

The match will be broadcast via ssc channels, with the voice of commentator Fahd Al-Daribi inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and via Abu Dhabi Sports Channel Asia inside the Emirates, as well as via the AFC channel on YouTube in Syria and Lebanon only.

group order

The Syrian team occupies the sixth and last place in Group A with one point, led by its coach, Nizar Mahrous.

The Syrian team achieved a single draw and did not know the taste of victory and received two defeats in the first 3 rounds of the qualifiers.. He scored two goals and received 4 goals.

The Lebanese team is ranked fourth with two points, after achieving two draws and one defeat, and did not win under the leadership of its Czech coach, Ivan Hashek.

The Lebanese national team did not score in 3 matches, while it conceded one goal.

The Iranian team leads the standings with 9 points and is behind South Korea, who is second with 7 points, and the two teams will play today, Tuesday, in this round.

The UAE team occupies third place with two points, while the Iraqi team occupies fifth place with the same balance.

History of confrontations

History bears witness to many confrontations between the teams of Syria and Lebanon, which began in the Arab Games in 1953 and ended in a 0-0 draw, then a 1-1 draw in the 1957 Pan-Arab Games.

The two teams met in the first edition of the Arab Cup in 1963, and the Syrian team won 3-2, then they met in the third edition of the tournament in 1966 in the semi-finals, and the Syrian team won 1-0.

The Syrian team won 1-0 in the 1980 Asian Cup qualifiers, then the Syrian team excelled again in the semi-finals of the 1997 Arab Games, with a score of 3-2.

The Syrian team defeated 3-1 in the West Asian Championship 2004, then the Syrian team won 1-0 in the West Asian Championship in 2007, and Nassour Qasioun excelled back and forth 2-0 and 4-0 in the 2011 Asian Nations qualifiers.

Lebanon won its only victory in the West Asian Championship in 2019 with a score of 2-1.

Syria..Reviving Hope

The Syrian national team is looking to revive its hopes of competing for the two tickets to qualify for this group, or at least to be in third place, despite the poor start and collecting one point in the first 3 rounds.

Nizar Mahrous, the coach of the Syrian national team, said in the introductory press conference for the match that this confrontation is pivotal for his team to restore the smile to the Syrian masses and achieve victory, stressing that his team is suffering from some stress, but he will do his best to win.

Mahrous admitted the difficulty of competing with Iran and Korea because of the differences in experience, but this does not, in his opinion, prevent the rest of the teams in the group from continuing the competition and waiting for the qualification scenarios.

The Syrian national team appears complete, especially with the regularity of Muhammad Othman and Ayaz Othman, who missed the South Korea trip due to administrative errors, in addition to Mahmoud Al-Bahr’s recovery from injury.

Mahrous is likely to rely on the 4-4-2 method, with a squad that includes goalkeeper Ibrahim Alama, and in front of him is the four-line defense, Saad Ahmed, Omar Al-Maidani, Abdul Rahman Weis and Khaled Cordagoli.

The midfield is led by Zaher Midani, next to him is Thaer Karuma, and on the sides is Fahd Youssef and Mahmoud Al-Mawas, while Omar Khribin and Omar Al-Soma are leading the attack.

Abdel-Fattah Al-Agha, the former Syrian national team striker, told “Erm News” that his country did not present the required image and the expected level in the final stage of the qualifiers, after ensuring qualification for the Asian Nations.

Al-Agha admitted that the Syrian national team was affected by the technical tremor after the departure of Tunisian coach Nabil Maaloul and the appointment of Nizar Mahrous, who needs the element of time, which is not currently available.

He pointed out that the Syrian team must win the Lebanon match to re-correct its course, with a strong focus on exploiting the strength of the offensive duo Khribin and Al-Soma.

Lebanon.. and the first victory

The Lebanese team realizes the importance of achieving the first victory in its journey in the final stage in order to continue the competition, especially that the Lebanese team appeared in a distinct defensive manner and won two points like the Emirates and Iraq.

Czech coach Ivan Hashek said in the press conference before the match that this special derby confrontation will be important for the two teams to determine the parameters of the competition, stressing that the Lebanese team will play to win.

The coach of the Lebanese national team indicated that the match will be played by his team with high spirits in order to decide the victory, explaining that he will arm himself with intense pressure and try to control the ball and possession.

The Lebanese national team depends on its squad, which includes goalkeeper Mustafa Matar, and in front of him is the four-line defense, Joan Omari, Alexander Michel, Abbas Assi and Qassem Al-Zein.

The midfield is led by George Michel Melki and Mohammed Al-Daihani, and in front of them is the playmaker Hassan Maatouk with the duo Basil Jaradi and Sonny Saad with striker Mohammed Kdouh or Hilal Al-Hilweh.

Mohamed Abdel Azim (Azima), the former Lebanese star coach, confirmed to “Erm News” that the Lebanese team was distinguished, despite not winning, but it showed a fighting spirit and presented good levels.

He explained that the Lebanese team is more collective than the Syrian team and will be a fierce competitor in this confrontation, stressing that the Lebanese team has many offensive capabilities with the presence of Jaradi, Kadouh and Maatouq.

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